Azure ATC only has one gender type on each frequency - for ATC and all AI aircraft

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Brief description of the issue:

Azure ATC only has one voice type now - always female voice - no variation. This is across the ATC itself and the airlines using it. Used to be random from about 4-5 voice types. Presumably related to change to Azure nerual coice types. The user aircraft uses a male voice.

UPDATE: As you switch frequency the voice changes - but the ATC and AI aircraft on that frequncy use the same voice. So there is no variation between AI and ATC on a given frequency. Previously AI and ATC used random voices. This is for traffic injected via Simconnect.

FURTHER TESTING: Happens with Asobo Live Taffic too for me

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Start a flight using AI traffic and listen to IFR clearence or ground channel while using simconnect injected traffic (such as AIG or FSLTL) or Asobo Live Traffic.

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You can change your own voice, its under MISC if I’m not mistaken, its coupled to the pilot avatar. I haven’t heard any live traffic yet haven’t noticed everything else being same voice.

Does she still sound like a robot from the 80s?

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So further to this - on the same frequency the voice is the same for the ATC itself and all the AI aircraft talking to it. The user pilot voice is different as noted. Previously on the same frequency the ATC and AI aircraft would have different voices - obviously sounding more realistic. I think as i change frequency the voice changes - but then again all the AI aircraft and the ATC have the same voice on that new frequency. This was not the case in SU8.


The pilot voice sounds more natural but the ATC seems the same. To me it feels like the Pilot voice has been move to Azure Neural processing as per release notes but not the ATC voice.


Personal Testing Comment:

I can’t repro this - I’ve been on a multi-country leg around the Black Sea from Romania to Turkey and every sector change is a different voice. It’s still the same limited set of voices, but not a singular voice every time.

Does the voice sound like a kid, maybe just a tad robotic? Maybe you’re getting offline voices. You can test this out while on a flight by disconnecting your modem. If the voices change (you will defiantly tell a difference between azure and offline atc voices) then that’s not it. If they stay the same then you’re getting offline voices and there’s pretty bad compared to azure voices.

Plus you’d be able to tell if you were set to Offline TTS. It’s still broken and can’t properly pronounce things like " …o’clock…," “RNAV,” “wind”…


Are you using AI - and listening too the difference between the AI aircraft voices and the ATC? See my response further up that clarifies what is happening.


Yep I am 100% using Azure.

I built the injector for the FSLTL addon and I listen to ATC a lot with AI aircraft active. Definitely changed since SU8 in terms of how its working on a single frequency with AI aircraft.


I’m using Live Traffic. You need to specify what you mean by AI - Offline Traffic or Online Traffic? Since you mention FSLTL, I’ll have to assume you mean Offline AI. I would try this with either stock sim Offline Traffic or Live Traffic.

I will clarify in the description this is Simconnect inserted traffic. Online / Offline is a bit of misnomer as they are the interal terms i guess for different traffic types.

I will also try the built in Live Traffic and see if i get the same.

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Not really - both are injected traffic types.

One is simply pulling schedules and types from FlightAware via the Fire Hose API and doing internal model matching to Asobo generic traffic, with about a 10-15 minute delay from Real Time. That’s Live Traffic.

Offline is pulling pre-defined routes and aircraft types from the Traffic.BGL. Somewhere around SU4 to SU5, the ability to specify Commercial vs GA was removed and consolidated into a single slider, so I can’t really say how much you get of one vs. the other.

In respect to the FSLTL injector its pulling real time data and inserting into the sim vi simconnect.

So it is is also Live traffic - just not the built in live traffic.

My point it they are internal traffic injection terms online / offline - they aren’t the only way and not the way i was using to create this issue.

I’d like to here if people using AIG injected traffic are also seeing this issue.

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Happens with Asobo built in Real Time traffic too - just listening to ground at RJTT.

About 5 different AI aircraft talking to Ground - both ATC and all those aircraft use the same voice.

Switch frequency to clearance - hear a different voice but again the 3 aircraft i heard getting clearance use the same voice.

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Transparency - I’m using Aerosoft Simple Traffic.

In Live Traffic, all it’s doing is livery matching based on the ICAO code of the injected object and applying the right paint job.

In Offline AI Traffic, it overrides (not overwrites) the stock sim Traffic.BGL with it’s own pre-Pandemic historically correct schedule of aircraft, carriers and routes. It relies on the stock sim for GA Traffic, and is user-definable for traffic volume using the same sliding scale as the sim. At 30 percent, more than enough traffic in an 80 NM radius around the playe aircraft.

Both modes rely upon the stock sim’s generic airplane models and AI traffic behavior.

I get the expected variety of Azure TTS voices with it. Tested at JFK, BOS, LAX and other major hubs.

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Ok so you have working behaviour - I do not. Definite regression for me from SU8.

Keen to hear from other people either way. Given people are voting this up I assume others are seeing it.

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Listening in to tower ATC at CYVR and all voices are just a single female type, both the ATC and the aircraft (so the same person sounds like they are talking to themselves, regardless of different aircraft). It’s set to Azure and occurs with both Live and Offline AI traffic for me.

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CYVR and KSEA tried.

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Great - glad i’m not going insane :slight_smile:

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Just started a flight at LEBL with AIG traffic. ATC voices varied at start but after a few minutes the only voice being used by atc and pilots was the same female one. Also my pilot stopped automatically responding to ATC for a while then spontaneously resumed. Furthermore, atc told me to line up and wait shortly after having cleared another aircraft to land on the same runway. Unsure how much of this is new but seems atc currently worse than I remember.

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