Azure voice and live weather down

Yeah I’ve also got no clouds on World map or in game on live weather tonight, worked fine earlier though.


For me its since SU6, but yeah in the previous 12 months Azure has only gone down I’d say less than 5 times, and in the last week it would be 20+ times


Well, this is one way to solve the excessive lightning problem.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Azure is not reliable :frowning:

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Now that we have a sim that depends on their external networking and apps on their servers…who’s monitoring and rectifying these services? My observations are we are almost always the first and only ones to know about these interruptions until our posts are read. Additionally, there outages usually take quite a while to resolve. The sim seems to require 24x7 monitoring and trouble resolution. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t feel like we have that…


I liked MSFS 2020 best after SU 3. SU 4 wasn’t bad but caused a VFR glitch that was manageable.

I have been concerned about a situation in MSFS just like this:

Games & gaming

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NBA 2K22

Outage reported
9/4/2021, 3:00:00 AM
We’re close to resolving the issue
10/27/2021, 11:00:55 PM

Xbox Status | Xbox Support

They have been “close to resolving this issue” for weeks.

If flight simmers could not even start MSFS for like 2 months (even 2 weeks!!), I wonder what the consequenses would be?

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They need a full time operations center (networking/servers) to maintain these games.

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Hi. Same issue here, especially with Azure servers down

This is happening far too often and far too much recently, Microsoft need to sort their servers and service out as this isn’t good enough currently.


Exactly the same. Even when the “live conditions” show as stormy (as is in Melbourne rn), you load into the game with clear skies. Killed my flight today sadly:( The winds and turbulence seemed to be on point though…

How is the situation now?
I guess the most of us are at work so is difficult to check.

MSFS was supposed to be the showcase of all the great online services offered by Microsoft but the end result is a lot different than expected.
Maybe the Azure support for MSFS is on a best effort basis :smiley:


Was fine for me about 30 mins ago. Was doing a flight from Manchester to Carlisle (UK) and had a 45 Kt Wind at about 5000 feet, heavy rain and very gusty.

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Might be ok now but there is a banner posted by the admins at the top of this page so the issue was there at some point.

I really don’t want to be rude but Microsofts online services are really often unserviceable and offline.
( live weather, live traffic…. )

My limited time of flying in msfs suffers from this.
When i want to fly all should work properly.
Honestly flying in msfs is a 50/50 change that things are working.

This forum banner …. we are investigating bla bla is far too often.

Very disappointed.


Microsoft needs to put tastier treats in front of the hamster wheel to get him running again! :roll_eyes:

Not impressed by all these “online”-instant downloading services that is suppose to make MSFS the future sim.

Disappointed to say the least.


The alternative is to release a sim which requires no online services at all to run. That would keep everyone happy, right?

Guess what that would look like…but at least the users couldn’t complain about their absence.

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Or, the alternative is Microsoft, a billion dollar corporation, pump enough resources into ensuring their online functionality can handle all the “millions of new pilots” they’re bringing into simming, as they love to say all the time.

Enough with this “we should be happy about this” or “we should be thankful for that”. This is not a new issue and it’s only been getting worse over the past few months.