Azure voice and live weather down

So I’m not able to get either atm.

Live weather is completely down. THere’s no weather shown on the world map, and even if I pick an area where there’s known storm conditions, I’m seeing clear skies.

And Azure voice seems to fire up, but before I can even make it off the ground, get that dreaded popup telling me connection to Azure is lost and it reverts to offline voices.

Anyone else seeing this?


same here… no clouds in the world map, although precipitation is being shown but when it loads the flight, everywhere in the world is sunny


Same. I tested that very scenario. Picked a spot that should have intense rain, loaded in to clear skies without a cloud in sight.


Thx for reporting :joy::+1:t5:

Same here, no live weather :frowning:


Now hopefully one of the CMs catches this thread and passes word along. We could all file a ZenDesk ticket, but it could potentially be days to weeks before the issue gets noticed.


Not a great display of reliability for Azure! Imagine if this happens for MSFS, what could happen for businesses relaying on this service?


I just got off, and I had live weather all the way from cleveland to va …

At work we have some Azure services. It’s about as reliable as you would expect when looking at the MSFS online services track record as of late. Lots of cryptic “An error has occurred” messages with no details, inability to log into Office 365, Teams not working, etc…

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Wait until we get one of those Solar Storms that will knock the net off line for a few months…where will your cloud be then ;p

-Gotta love Goggle News!


Well, so much for trying to fly on Vatsim tonight. Looks like I’m parking the cockpit until this server issue is resolved.

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Same issue here.

Live weather (clouds) not working for me here in Sydney Australia.
Seems this was first reported more than one hour ago, would be nice if they could acknowledge there is an issue with at least a bar at the top of the forum…

Idk if there is any Rick & Morty fans among us…it’s almost like that episode with that pawn shop “needful things” …Sure…you can have wind thats not 225/03, and icing thats more realistic…but now you have no clouds mwahahahahaha. Hey I can’t do much about it, just as well to have a laugh…


Live temp & altimeter & winds are working though

I would have a comment to describe this whole situation, but I can’t post it, as those who aren’t in the know would think I’m disparaging the “differently abled”.

You probably know exactly what I’d like to say. lol


Absolutely! :slight_smile:

Seriously, I live off and in the interwebz for decades now and in all that time I encountered waaayyy less server outages than in the past year with FS.

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@NewfieSmokester - maybe you’re onto something here with Needful Things.

MSFS gives us a lot of great new regular content. But we don’t pay… with money…

  • We get new world updates, but the graphics and photogrammetry are terrible and they run at 8 fps
  • We get a massive performance update, but it cranks back graphics, and causes massive pop-ins and breaks cockpit interaction.
  • We get an update that fixes a bunch of issues, but makes a bunch of planes unusable.
  • We get improved LOD, but can’t access servers

A price for everything…

Maybe Microsoft should bring their servers to Rick to have them fixed…


Every flight since SU5.


Hey, I’m taking advantage of the clear weather to cross the cascades tonight. No fears of icing!!