B787 and B747 unlandable

First, intercepting the ILS and the G/S is a hit or miss (more misses than hits). Sometimes it works, and more often than not the ILS won’t even show up.
Second, no matter how slow I try to land, the aircraft bounces up hundreds of feet into the sky (totally unrealistically) once I touch the runway.
I’ve been landing planes on simulators for years with my fair share of ugly landings, but never seen anything like this.
Never happened with the A320 in FS2020 for that matter.
What’s going on?

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I just landed a 747 yesterday in Seattle. It’s landable.


I have no idea then.
This happened only after update 5.
Perhaps they messed with the sensitivity?
I tried to readjust it and maybe screwed up?
It works fine with the 152 though.

LOL 152 vs 747. Yeah, it might be on your end with your peripherals or technique itself. I am using XBox controller and never had to modify sensitivities though. Everything works by default. I’d say watch your VS on touchdown. Try that? That’s my only idea.

I get they’re different machines, but my point is that before this update I didn’t have any problems with my yoke with either aircraft.

Like I said, I haven’t touched sensitivity stuff, but I have seen that the new update changed some profiles and added some new stuff. May want to check that.

I had to re make my sensitivity after the patch. Not all was changed, but def. some of the dead-zones!

Could be that when I try to flare I’m in the dead zone and when I realize I either pull the yoke too much or it’s too late and I land on my front gear.

Hmm i am not sure about this but i read a post a long time ago where the poster said something like: The deadzone in fs2020 is wrong implemented.

And then he talked about that if deadzone was eg. 10% and when you went ‘out’ of it the first value sent to the sim would have the ‘strongness’ of 10%, and if your deadzone was big like eg. 50% then when slowly going out of it the first value sent to the sim would be 50%.

A ‘real’ deadzone should, however big, only give a small value when you slowly move your controller out of the deadzone.

Peeew - Hard to explain and probably hard to understand what i try to get across.

Hope someone can elaborate on this. But anyhow what i say might be taken into consideration when setting the deadzone.

I have also been having the same problems with the airliners that BWZorro has been reporting. I have also noticed that the roll also seems like it is oversensitive, especially at slower speeds like on approach and that the Boeing 747 seems like it wants to porpoise up and down for some reason. I will have to check the deadzones and the sensitivity on my controllers. I have started simply flying with the crash detection turned off though because I have gotten tired of crashing after a long flight when I get to my destination. One thing I have noticed is that I crash much more frequently if I have a full tank of fuel (75% or higher) in the airliners, particularly the 747, than I do with fuel tanks that are less full. I wonder if the aircraft can not land above a certain weight and that if you have too much fuel on board when you get near your destination if you need to dump the extra fuel to land? I don’t know, but this is just something that I have noticed from using the program. Another unrelated issue that I have with trying to land is that I often find myself landing to quickly thanks to the ATC in the program. Last night I was flying from Columbus, Ohio to Philadelphia, PA. ATC kept me at 19,000 feet and would not give me permission to descend until I was just 15 miles from the airport. I had to practically nosedive to lower my altitude very rapidly and then try and get rid of the excess speed before I got to the runway. That doesn’t help either.

787 works fine, have landed it before and after the recent patch. No bouncy castle.

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Maybe it is the other bug, the “cracks on the runway”. This happens when the PC cannot draw the graphics fast enough or something similar. It is like hitting an invisible pavement / step on the runway.
There are posts about it here if you search.

I’m glad I’m not the only one.

Also, anyone having problems with intercepting the LOC on approach?
And if you do intercept it, does the aircraft follow the G/S?
It’s totally random for me.
Sometimes only LOC is intercepted and no G/S followed. Sometimes nothing shows up at all.

You do know that not all airports have ILS with vertical guidance, right? Some ILS only have the localizer, which means you will have to manage your own descent.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to delete the 787 and do a clean reinstall of it in the content manager? And how would one do it?

That wont help you. Its FUBAR now and it will be FUBAR after reinstall. Just have to wait for a few months/ couple of years and it will be fixed probably

Yes, I do know, but thanks for the lesson.
However, I’m pretty sure these airports are Cat IIIB. Actually one is Cat IIIC, so glide slope should work,

If you could upload a video (with on-screen yoke in view) of what you’re experiencing, that would help the community/devs debug the issue.

They are landable but indeed floaty on approach, have auto thrust doing high revs to keep speed & bouncy on touchdown compared to the A320 that keeps the autothrottle properly & doesnt bounce when touching flared.

I was just making sure you know… The issue is that presently there are so many people who complain about issues when those are actually caused by user errors. It’s all over the place.