Bad FPS on a pretty „Mid-High End“ PC


So since coming back from P3D i started experiencing extreme Problems with MSFS Performance Wise, all of that on Medium - High Graphics.

My Specs:

GPU: RTX2070Super 8GB
CPU: i9-9900K
RAM: 2 x 8 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3600MHz
STORAGE: 2 x Samsung EVO870 1‘000GB

Monitor: Samsung G9 Odyssey (5120x1440 / 32:9)

I get very low FPS, in airlines like the PMDG 737 or the FBW A320neo it goes down to 11fps sometimes and reaches MAX 28-31fps.

In GA Planes i get lowest 16 and highest 47fps.

Is there any solution to get the FPS higher, or did i do something wrong?


Dialed your LOD all the way down and lower your traffic.
5120x1440 monitor paired with a 2070super? You’re really pushing that card. What is your render scale set to?

I’d say this is more “mid” range than “high”. FPS is about right for your setup.

Try lowering your settings and render scaling

Yeah, on that resolution it sounds pretty normal to get such FPS especially as you are on the lower end when it comes to RAM.

You could only try this to provably fix some issues, especially if you are on Win 11:

Also you can try to optimize your system a but, especially when it comes to Nvidia settings in NV control panel. There are some guides around on YT on that topic :wink:

Yeah i‘m waiting on switching to a RTX3080 TI with 11GB of vRam which should solve it, but its one of the more expensive options to have…

And my render Scaling is at around a 70%

Lovely, i‘ll try to mess a bit with the Control Panel, Thanks!

Will do, thanks!

What would you recommend more, either buy a RTX3080ti which is around 1‘300 USD (with alot of luck) or sell the 32:9 monitor & buy 2 G7 monitors which adds up to around the same…


Here is the guide I followed at some point :slight_smile:

That seems like normal FPS


Therein lies your problem - at 70% that still more than twice the amount of pixels to render as a single 1920x1080 monitor

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It would help if you could post your Nvidia control panel settings, MSFS graphics settings, and also your expectations. This group can really help you dial it in from there.

I run 5760x1080 so I’m about a million pixels less running a 9900k and a 3080, overclocked to 5ghz hyperthreading disabled and get good to fair performance full ultra plus a few bits but any adding to the LOD past 200/200 hits both the GPU and or CPU depending on which one.