Baron 58 part of the Standard edition of MSFS

The Baron has always been part of the FSX default edition, and many users interested in a twin-engine prop, specifically the BE58, are shying away from making the investment in the premium. I think it would be great to have it as part of the standard edition.

They made you aware of the aircrafts and scenery available prior to release. It is not fair to those who purchased a premium edition to have further reduction in the value of what they purchased.


I already have the premium but many of my friends can’t afford it and they enjoyed BE58 in the standard edition of FSX. I appreciate your point but I don’t agree, the only acceptable argument is Microsoft’s liability for Beechcraft’s IP. What further reduction of value are you referring to?

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As another possible way of addressing your request, you may also want to look at this Wishlist topic:


They can’t afford premium versions but can afford a pc that runs mfs? Smh


Hard to believe yeah, these are school kids, and every penny counts, and their PC is given to them by a parent or a relative. Not everyone is rolling with crypto gold RulingPen. I know it’s not a big amount, but in principle: these planes were part of the FSX standard edition, MSFS is a continuation of FSX, so it’s only fair that you don’t pay extra for planes these GA default planes.
If it’s a Beechcraft IP issue then that’s a different story, and N314TS has a point. I voted to have the option to at least buy these planes if MSFS team can make it happen.

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You have a twin prop in the standard edition! And its not a bad one.

The only good reason I can think of having the Baron in standard edition is that it would be finally unlocked and open for mods.

BTW, I know a lot of things that would be great, just if you get out of ideas sometimes :wink:

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