Basic VATSIM Tutorials - Want to get started on Vatsim properly?

Hi everyone!

Over the last few months I’ve been putting a lot of effort into building what I struggled to find on YouTube when I was signing up to VATSIM and nervous to press the push to talk

… Simple, informative basic VATSIM Tutorials to help people at least get started.

So I’ve gone and made them to help people either get the confidence to press the push to talk button OR make the decision to sign up, log in and get flying on the network.

I’ll be completing it over the next few weeks and months with just a few more videos but feel free to check it out - I hope that if you’re wanting to get on VATSIM you find it useful!

Be sure to check out the Description for the playlist too where I have created some dedicated “short and sweet” PDF files that can be used to follow along during my live streams or to supplement the information in the Tutorial Videos themselves.

The pdf documents will be updated over time too!

See you on the network some time!

Also worth checking out:

VATSIM TUTORIALS - How to Get Started on VATSIM - Mini-Series by British Avgeek:

Happy Flying!


Another good resource is VATSIM itself of course

Which is also where you’ll have to sit your New Entrant Exam


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