Beechcraft King Air 350i show a constant slip on PFD above 140kt

I switched to the King Air from the Baron after getting the WT G1000 Nxi work for the King Air.
In case someone interested :
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I encounter a very problematic malfunctions above a certain speed in the air, from around 140kt and up to the max cruise speed the airplane show a growing left tail slip on level fly upon acceleration, requiring a proportional left rudder input to get the ball centered. The more speed, the more rudder needed. Ball always to the left.

Of course this is totally incorrect behavior, so I was wondering if I was alone and had a problem on my own setup regarding this.

And yes :

  • Cruise level flight, equal power / prop RPM on both engine, yaw damper ON (same with OFF), and yes Rudder / Aileron trim ZERO

Also no slip on lower speed.
No such behaviour on other multi engine like the Baron so I do not think that is a controller assignement problem, also no inbalance at lower speed so probability of a bug seems high.
Also tested with clean community folder so I can reproduce and exclude any third party interference.
Realism settings at maximum.

Anybody experience it or do I have a config problem ?

Just tested, same for me!