Been pretty quiet so far but it needs to be said

Remember Microsoft Flight?


For me the worse part are the CTDs and the buggy Control Options and controls themselves. Air temperatures at high altitudes makes it impossible to climb above FL160 and performance goes out the window for the aircraft when using live weather. Not realistic at all. Also everything looks slightly overexposed and LODs are broken. I have a high end system, nothing in the community folder and I keep my system pretty tidy. Lots of people are having serious issues. Also notice the lack of release notes and lack of responce from the negative feedback.


Just because I’m happy or have said the things I’ve said doesn’t mean I think it’s all good, or good for everyone. That’s not how I, or most other people, operate. There are only a couple things I’ve found that are not behaving as expected since the update, but they aren’t enough to ruin my immersion. I’ve been using Flight Simulator since FS4 and have had every version since. I had a career in IT and was programming back when the Commodore VIC20 was a big thing. I have zero doubt that Asobo and MS will tie up the little loose ends. They’ve done an amazing job thus far…as irritating as MSFS had been for me. They’ve gotten this far, and they’ll go much further and exceed your own expectations.


The release notes were available to read by clicking a button at the bottom of the screen during the update download, which you and everyone else who updated most certainly had plenty of time to click and read. It was also posted in the same place it always is. I’m not sure where you’re coming from on that one.

where is it now?

It doesn’t report altitude accurately to external sources, so those of us that use VATSIM, IVAO, and PilotEdge are kinda hung out to dry.

A flight sim that can’t calculate altitude in non standard atmosphere (thats pretty much every day except the perfect day) isn’t really doing a good job simulating the atmosphere.

Its a rather GIANT oversight.


Do you know all of the details of why that particular issue began with this update? Are you aware of what the developers are aware of with regard to that? How do you know it was an oversight?

That’s more a commercial than actual release notes. But thanks for the link! The known issues are more interesting to see and informative of how broken then sim is than anything else.


I don’t…

But I know it was working fab last week.

And now it isn’t working fab.

Look, I know that for a non-pilot… the fact that the atmosphere isn’t actually behaving right is a minor annoyance… But for those of us that expect Flight Simulator to Simulate Flight… its pretty major. Altimetry isn’t some tertiary excursion into stuff we don’t worry much about.

Altimetry is pretty much the main thing.

If you had a boat simulator that couldn’t calculate if you were 30feet below the surface or 30 feet above, I expect you’d be troubled by that, am I right?


Thanks for your summary and well written comment.

I am not a pilot but have been keen flight sim user since Psion Flight Sim many, many years ago. I also work in software/IT. I have also registered just to post this.

I don’t understand why PC users had to be impacted so much for this Xbox downgrade, why could they not have been separated? we have crossplay already with Xbox and PS?

What is the absolute worst is downgrading the graphics, changing the UI so LOD appears same but is drastically reduced and hiding this away - rather than just allowing this to be different for PC and Xbox.

I’ve already edited my user.cfg to increase LOD and right protected it to prevent FS changing it - it’s not fixed the pop-in and buildings still look melted or like toy-town flying over London - but with a decent PC, I’d rather have better visuals than 10-20 extra FPS.

The only other time I can think of a company crippling their products in this was was with Apple and the battery fiasco!

PS: I missed out about the approx. 12hour download and the many, many CTDs that I have also experienced. I have no idea why MS couldn’t have figured out how to use a CDN and added proper logging (like XP) so we can see if an addon or something else is causing the problem.

PPS: Having the GPU run at 95%+ on the update screen is also absolutely ridiculous! WHY?


I mean…they could put it in plain black and white text in a notepad file if that would make it seem less “commercial”.

They should have a way of validating Marketplace content for updates, and block unvalidated content from loading so it doesn’t crash the sim. Better have stripped down game than unplayable game.


As PablodNinja noted, it was working great before this update. It isn’t now. Just because it’s working for you or you are complacent with the new “features”, doesn’t mean it works for everyone.


It’s unclear from your post who you’re referring to.

I would just take issue with “little loose ends”. Ive been using MSFS since it first released and throughout, CTDs have been a major issue, with it becoming even more of an issue as of late. And I dont think a game that constantly crashes for what seems a huge portion of its users is a little loose end. Especially when the issue seems to have spanned the life of the product so far. Which is usually an indication that the devs themselves cant figure out the cause.


Nothing I’ve said here would indicate to a reasonable, critically-thinking individual that I’m a non-pilot or that I don’t take the realism of my simulator experience seriously. It’s not a minor annoyance to me, either.

For as long as I can remember, many simmers have dreamed of having such a high-resolution recreation of the entire planet readily available to them on a small box that fits on or under a desk that they could not only fly around in, but fly around in the most realistic manner possible. Here we are in 2021 with the first tangible iteration of such a dream, and so I expect that it won’t be perfect all at once.

MS/Asobo had to rework a major part of the simulator engine to get it to run more smoothly across an endlessly diverse array of systems. With that comes the reality that many things that were working properly before are going to have to be changed to fit the reworked engine, and given the sheer multitude of factors in the simulator needed to make it a true representation of real life (sans the gravitational sensation), it’s pretty safe to say that the likelihood of getting all of those things in at the deadline for release was slim to none.

Part of being a pilot is having immense patience…moreso than most people.


Most likely not enough time or man power.

I misquoted…

Feel pretty much the exact opposite, i love the update and have never enjoyed FS more then i have in the last 24hrs. Sucks for those not having a great time but considering 90% of the problems people were running into yesterday that required similar posts were either OE, a simple options setting or previous hotkey changes that conflicted with new hotkeys.
The only consolation i will give is that Asobo should have placed a splash screen explaining Locked Vs Legacy controls.