Bell 407 Controls tips/help needed


I wanted to try the new Bell 407 helicopter, and i’m a littlebit confused on how to map the controls.
I have Thrustmaster Hotas X. The flight stick is mapped to cyclic, Rocker button to pedals, Throttle lever is mapped to collective, but i need to map throttle as well. Looks like i’m out of axii though.

Tips are welcome.

I planned to map the throttle increment/decrement functions on the throttle lever buttons R2/L2 (buttons 9 and10). In airplanes, i’m using these two buttons on Flaps Up / Flaps Down respectively.
Since there are no flaps on this heli (do any helicopter use flaps?), i thought that i could use them.
So, i mapped these buttons to Helicopter Throttle Increase or Helicopter Throttle Decrease functions respectively, but they don’t react at all. The throttle valve doesn’t turn when i press either of the two buttons.
Soo… What’s up with that? Both Collective & Cyclic respond normally.

Thank you.

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Please let us know when you find a got solution/profile for this controller combination.
… i´m using the stand alone hotas together with the TM16000.
Regarding the bell 407 i think that the throttle binding is bugged. It´seem to be not active.

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The Throttle in the 407 does not appear to have been modelled correctly or has a bug. Either way even if you did map an axis to it, it would not work anyway. In the 407 you can only seem to move the throttle with the mouse, but even then it does not function correctly… once you set the throttle at idle or above it will result in the rpm rising to normal operating range.

The throttle does work in the Cabri with the governor off, but without an axis you might be better to just use the governor and/or keyboard or buttons to move the throttle.


How to make controller assignments for helicopters for MSFS | 40th Anniversary - YouTube That´s helps a lot to avoid failures in setting up the controls


Thanks to all. Looks like it’s back to H135 for me. I tried a short flight in the Bell. Can’t say i had good results, lol. All my focus was spent on just barely being able to keep it straight and level, forget trying to actually fly anywhere. Working the pedals was very, very, very, very demanding.