Best Community Site(s)?

I was wondering if there are any good Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 community or fan sites up and running yet. In other words, a place one could go to read the latest news, what’s coming next, guides, technical information, reviews of new things on the Marketplace, etc. all curated.



Thise that I follow are about all flight sims, not only MFS, but you get all new there are reviews.

This one, as long as you avoid the toxicity of this General Discussion area, where folks who can’t avoid looking a gift horse in the mouth like to measure their importance by how loudly they can condemn the whole thing subjectively because it isn’t a perfect match for their particular tastes. The rest of this forum is full of friendly, helpful folks.


Threshold is another decent general (not MSFS exclusive) Flight Simulator community website.

They also have their own forum, though the MSFS2020 section of the forum is pretty bare bones at the moment (only 5 threads right now). So the “community” aspect may not be developed enough yet, but the main website still has some decent MSFS2020 news.

Always recommend r/flightsim as well, though that’s definitely not “curated” opinion :slight_smile: