Best ultrawide monitor?

Which one is the best ultrawide monitor to play msfs2020?

I can’t say whether it is the best as I only have the one and not tried any others but my Acer Predator X34P is wonderful! 3440*1440 resolution at 120Hz.

These are scaled back to 1600 wide but still nice! :slight_smile:

I don’t know buy a 38 inches or 49 inches

Mine’s a 34" curved unit and pretty much fills my field of view. Any bigger and you might not see the screen edges depending on how far away you sit… I am just over an arm’s length away…

hi, you have to choice what do you prefer, then you will found your best, some monitor had more vertical frequency for more fps, some of them have more contrast(better black color, must have for my self btw), some of them have more accurate angles of view and colors, and some of them have more or less pixels, then you have to add result integral of that info to your pc spec, then use coefficient of your games, as middle sign… for me right now best is something in 2022-2026 micro led panel, 200mhz 5k or 3k… but for now i’m ok with most budget of good, is mx34v, i don’t care about super accurate colors, i don’t care about angles of view, and i don’t care about g-sync*, but i absolutely need maximum contrast with maximum black color, as me really hard way annoying by grey instead black, so i have to use this, and this one best for me, but for sure today, if use my conception is pg35v… but not for me personaly, is too heavy for my wallet is not much better than i got now, and with all of this, that not what i want to upgrade for
*after one of nv driver, when was added g-sync compatible for free sync monitors, it’s(mx34vq) work for me as g-sync…

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I got a Samsung Odyssey G9 49" ultrawide curved HDR gaming monitor running at 5120x1440 resolution. It is amazing and adds a great deal of immersion to my flight simming experience. However, it does demand plenty of GPU processing power so be sure your graphics card is up to the task !

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I have a rtx 2080 super

I have a RTX 2080Ti and in certain conditions it struggles to hold 30fps…i have had to tweak down some settings ever since getting that monitor. You should be fine with a 2080 super but be prepared to ease off the Ultra settings.

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I know until Microsoft optimize the game

I got the LG 34GL750-B Curved UltraGear 34 Zoll UFHD Gaming Monitor and I am pretty happy with it. Good quality, good price!

I have the Phillips 1440x 5120 hdr 49” super ultra wide (same panel as the Samsung mentioned above).

Blows my tiny little Brian every time I use it!!

Twined with a 2070S on ultra it’s awesome!

A bit tricky to configure on certain aspects, with usb type c powering a number of additional on board equipment, eg the windows hello built in camera.

The other side issue is the play station hates it… as the PS4 output isn’t scale able to fit the display, but you can play PS4 and MSFS at the same time on the same screen… bizarre!!!

I’m using the Viotek SUW49C 49” ultra wide. It works well for the level that i want, but I’m not pushing my GPU either.

I have an impression that 49" is a bit overkill for the simulator mostly due to vertical screen space which makes it hard to see both outside the cabin and the panel. I personally ordered a 34" Dell Alienware AW3420DW.

A year ago I might have agreed, but to each their own.

I own the same monitor and it is amazing! I purchased after seeing so many good review around. It has been nominated the best ultrawide gaming monitor in 2018-19 and now you can purchase it for a reasonable price.


I have a 40 inch curved monitor which is great, but IMO the best experience is a smaller standard size 32 inch with trackir. Once you try trackir for a couple of days you’ll never go back. You get the ability to see 360 degrees like VR headsets but without having your face covered.

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Any 49 inch and TrackIR is the bomb. If you have the cash/ ability, without doubt its worth it


I also have had this monitor now for over a year (X34P). Absolutely brilliant monitor and has been flawless from day one.
Perfect size, anything bigger would be too much imo

Given you have a 2080 Super, get a monitor with G-Sync or G-Sync Ultimate, because this game is so graphic intense that low frame rates will occur and you want technology that can smooth out your visuals and gameplay when this occurs. This is what Variable Refresh Rate (e.g. G-Sync and FreeSync) can do, and hence why it is so important.

Some will say that Nvidia now supports Freesync and that is partially true, but there are caveats to this:

  1. Nvidia supports only “G-Sync Compatible” monitors in their drivers. Any other FreeSync monitor is “buyer beware”. VRR may work well, or may have issues like artefacts displayed on-screen;

  2. Some FreeSync monitors have a narrow band where VRR is activated, and in many cases, older FreeSync monitors only activates VRR above say 48fps. That means below that range, VRR is not active and you get choppy gameplay. Newer FreeSync monitors (e.g FreeSync Premium, FreeSync Premium Pro) support Low Framerate Compensation (LFC), which helps smooth out gameplay by doubling every frame displayed below the above threshold;

  3. If you plan on a multi-monitor setup in the future, Nvidia supports VRR across multiple G-Sync monitors, but only on a single monitor for FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible monitors. This means Variable Refresh Rate will be inconsistently applied across say 3 FreeSync monitors, and is sub-optimal as you’d want all monitors to be performing identically.

TL;DR: If you have an Nvidia RTX graphics card, get G-Sync or G-Sync Ultimate monitors for full VRR compatibility, or a G-Sync Compatible monitor if you only plan to use one monitor to display the game.

only ultimate works with low fps, other case it will flickering, and g-sync as free sync are too much overrated, i have free sync what work in g-sync compatible every game until crysis and crysis warhead, and i don’t see any difference, both games works in borderless mode, as in full screen they limit monitor to use 60hz, so can not show all 100 fps till use borderless, crysis 2 same, but it’s not flickering or has almost unnoticeable in rare situations, only ultimate g-sync give you full range fps tearing free, and it’s obviously don’t worth it, but, if monitor of your choice have panel, what you looking for, well, whatever it is, if this monitor have g-sync(ultimate) and no other monitors with panel you need without this feature, that’s just “luck” and you have to pay for that thing