Best ultrawide monitor?

i’m curious, cause i love it, haha.

it’s a “simple” steering wheel for cars you’re using, uh?

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I have a X52 and Saitek pedals, outside of the picture, but my rig setup includes a wheel and custom pedals for various PC and PS4 racing Games… I have thought about making set Rigs for each system… but currently its just one which includes full spec seat from a BMW. There’s a further 2 x 24 inch monitors, also on arms, plus a 42 inch TV, also connected to the rig just not in shot waiting for the multi screen functionality. I have the option to switch out the monitor to a projector, (but I have lent a friend my FSX machine, monitors and Projector for him to see if he likes it.) and All connected through a 7.1 surround system, Each device through its own channel.

This monitor takes 2 HDMI inputs allowing me to have a 2nd PC connected and display 1/2 and 1/2 for each pc, so I can multi platform game at the same time, RPGs etc, so its capable of allowing 2 connections into a single game world or different games, and viewing various aspects of a particular game as I play, to be displayed on each monitor. Very much similar to various flight sims and using multiple monitors to various screens etc, but from differents pcs.

There are times when the wife walks in and its like a Control room, with all sorts on the screens, from one for TV, one with the house security system on, one on youtube from the ps4 etc. The shelves to the right have the PS4, PS3, PS1, Xbox and WII on, and further to the right theres a bike and trainer, and a drum kit. The whole room is set up as my little retreat, where the wife can find me if I go missing. Shes knows I am in here and not getting into trouble elsewhere. Normally shes walking in telling me I need to tidy it up… When do I have time for that??

If its allowed : - heres a Vid of the driving rig in action… before I moved the room round.

Once I get this thing sorted fully, I could share some more vids in the right place. Apologies for thread hijack.

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Frame-Killer though, correct? or not? Also, that doesn’t have native G-Sync does it?

It works pretty fine for me, couldn’t experience any frame rate problems so far. Also, G Sync is available and also workes good, the time I turned it on. I don’t really use Gsync, cause my GPU can’t handle 144 FPS on most games.

ZDENNIZ – How do you like that monitor? What Frame Rate hit are you taking over a standard 1440p? I can get one for 638 usd including tax & shipping and didn’t know if you thought it was worth it?

1440p is perfectly playable on my 1080 (not even a Ti) with G-SYNC. The price you mention is VERY cheap for it if it is new. I would say unreasonably cheap :). I bought it for over a thousand.


thank you for that. if you had it to do over again , would you go 38" ultra-wide instead of a 32" ultra-wide? And yea, it would be new but I’m struggling with whether or not to go 38" which has same 21:9 , which means it would be the same FPS because the pixel-density would be the same.

Just for clarification mine is 34” not 32”

Yea, that’s my fault, I knew i typed that wrong. I think the 38’s have even higher resolution and could be tough on Frames. Just watched a video that was just posted in last day or so with a guy using a 34" Ultrawide with a 3090 and frames were mediocre such as 24 to low 40’s flying outside of the aircraft and pretty high up (which should be easier on frames). He is using Ultra settings. His processor is faster than mine and it seems no matter what equipment we throw at it, Flight Sim 2020 is just a voracious eater. also, just to qualify that price. that’s amazon prime day special in addition to some other amazon discounts that i have “floating” on my account.

I think the render scaling is key here performance-wise. With this resolution I don’t see any sense in going over 100. Ultra settings imply 200, which is close to 8K, a definite overkill and lack of optimization for such pixel count.

P.S. here’s what Amazon shows for me as the current price of that monitor:
|List Price|$1,199.99|
|With Deal:|$849.15|

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Just because you can’t reach 144fps, doesn’t mean you should turn G-Sync off!
You should have it enabled. It smooths the frame time out and reduces the stutters between 30-144fps… that is the whole point in having G-Sync!


Worst advice I have ever seen regarding G-Sync. Please educate yourself before posting drivel of such sorts.

So did I and it came with a bright subpixel - and even though it is clearly stated in their warranty policy for Alienware products specifically, even one bright subpixel (its bright green and smack in the middle of my viewing area) - they have given ME the HARDEST time to replace it, and that was a specific question I had BEFORE purchasing and they are giving me a run around now for a month, they are saying they will replace it but so far i’ve had to jump through so many hoops, I love the product (without a bright stuck subpixel) but their service is not what it once was… I should be hearing back this week. love it and it’s great for flight sim ! - don’t put up with bad pixels when you pay this much for a high end monitor !

I just want to add that I had originally got three 32 inch flat screen monitors and it was great viewing with such vast real estate to see, BUT, I didn’t know Microsoft /asobo don’t support more than one monitor play. In other words, the extra monitors stretch the images and it looks horrible. Microsoft amd asobo said they will have multi monitor support “sometime” in 2021-2022.

Since my side monitors in my triple monitor setup were basically useless, I read lots of forums where everyone was touting and praising 27” and 32” ultrawides, with many people having the opinion that 38” and 49 “ may be a bit overkill and unnecessary. So anyways, I ordered the Dell Alienware ultrawide 38” curved monitor and I was absolutely shocked at how small,
or I could “almost” say tiny it was. I then visited a local computer store and looked at the largest of all, the 49” ultrawide.
And OMG, I cannot fathom how anyone can be satisfied with the incredible short vertical height on these ultrawide monitors. Let me put it this way, my triple flat screen 32” monitor setup was actually really ■■■■ close to the actual size of a real airplane window (I’m a real life professional commercial cargo pilot, former flight instructor btw, so I known how large cockpit windows are) . But dam, these ultrawides are a total joke as far as their vertical height goes, however the width of the 49” ones are rather realistic but the vertical screen height is totally unacceptable realism wise. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone, especially real world pilots, would enjoy or accept these teeny tiny vertical heights (I refer to them as slits”). I would simply not play Microsoft 2020 at all if my only choice was these teeny tiny verticals on the ultrawides. At this point I’m looking into my options for just purchasing a big ■■■ flat screen so I can get both height and width, but I don’t see any posts or articles on what I should buy for single flat monitor that provides 16-20” in vertical height and at least 58” across/width. So I strongly advise anyone considering ultrawides to go visit a local computer store to make sure the vertical heights are acceptable for you . For me, the short vertical height of ultrawides utterly destroys any sense of flight realism. I was so let down to see how short my 38” ultrawide was. Couldn’t believe it.

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Thank you! I’ll stick with my triple monitor set up. It’s very disappointing that MSFS doesn’t support multi-monitors but with nvidia surround while not perfect it’s bearable. I’m thinking of upgrading my 3 x 27" Benq 1080ps for 3 x 32" LG Ultra Gear 1440 Gaming monitors.

I don’t see it the way you do but I respect your “views” no pun intended. I’m not a real-world pilot but my Alienware AW3420DW Curved 34 Inch WQHD 3440 X 1440 120Hz is really a great monitor. It’s almost as high as my 27" monitors, provides a brilliant looking display, has full-blown G-Sync, and does not kill immersion, for me anyway. I had 3 27" monitors going in x-plane and DCS, but once i switched to this 34" ultra, it was a game-changer. MS2020 looks spectacular and I really don’t want any more pixels because my 2080Ti would struggle. So the way I have my setup is I have 4 monitors now but only drive the Ultra and a touchscreen for DCS (Helios on the touch). And for MS2020, i just use the middle (34" ultra-wide). The other two ASUS 27" i have the “rotate to portrait” base option so they are vertical (one on each side of the Ultra)…it’s so great to have portrait, you can pull up documents and see tons of script lines in a text file, or lines of code and have taskmgr, and other cpu/gpu monitoring going on as well as FSUIPC, MOBI-FLIGHT, Spad.Next, etc. all off to the side monitors, and even the VFR from MS2020 pulled out. The touchscreen is great for Helios or any Touch apps or Flight Sim add-ons. I’m sold on the 34" but who knows, maybe I’ll go bigger once I get a 3090 and a faster processor. Happy for time-being. Thanks for input!!!

Just a FYI on your plan to upgrade your 27”
Triple set up to 32” triple set up. After returning the Dell 38” ultra wide, I actually downgraded my monitors from 32” to 27” (mainly
due to the fact that my 32” BenQ’s don’t have G sync) and I went with 27” triple set up and I like 27” better. Three 32” looks and feels a bit like overkill. It was interesting how many of my friends said they liked the new 27” triple monitor set up than the 32” setup.
But yes, 32” gives you more real estate viewing area, it just feels a bit too large. Three 32” were much larger than I thought they’d be.

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Hi All,

I’m hesitating between a 34" 1080p flat and a 1440p curved ultrawide monitor at twice the price. The hesitation comes from my doubts on the capacity of my laptop to handle 1440p (Dell G3 i7, GTX1060 6G, sometimes overheating).

Question: We can downgrade from 1440 to 1080 in FS2020 graphics settings but does it work well? Or is this a false plan B in case my laptop works too hard.

I know I may have to reduce some graphic settings but I’m not convinced it is better to have 1440p at medium graphic level than 1080p at high level. I think eye and brain adapt better to more pixels than to a lower number of eye candies (objects, quality of textures, detailed mesh and clouds, etc).

Thanks in advance!


Update: I did a few tests on my 21 inches 16:9 1080p screen: passing the slider from 1080 to 1440 seems to reduce FPS by 3 to 5. I may lose a bit more on a 21:9 34 inches monitor.

I finally got a 34’’ 1440p Dell monitor and I’m very satisfied with the quality. However, I got a FPS drop from around 45 to 20-25. So I reduced my settings to Medium and some to low wich is not perfect but help me reach 30-32 FPS on average.
However, I want to test Full screen mode and change resolution to 1080p. When I click on resolution, I don’t have any choice provided.

Does someone has the same bug?
Any workaround?