Best visual upgrade addons

Im new to this sim are there any recommendations on any upgrades to purchase in the fight sim marketplace?

Hello and welcome!

Yes plenty of airport addons and scenery addons!

Alot of freeware aswell. For example there is a superb Gatwick on!

Anything in particular you are after?

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make sure to lookup reviews first., there are bad products on the marketplace.


If you get just 1 scenery addon I suggest Bijan’s 4 Season Pack


Well i live in Canada so i would look for updates around there first if they have any

YouTube is very useful for reviews

There is a nice Niagara falls addon on Adds night time lighting, i normally do a toronto to Niagara trip now and then in flight sim

For really good reviews on a good amount of airports I would recommend FilbertFlies…
For Canada I only know of two airports: Ottawa by Roman Design and Vancouver that is made by two different devs, FSimStudios and FSDreamTeam. Personally I would go for FSimStudios but others might disagree…

Oh, almost forgot, Roman design…has both payware and freeware, all Canadian sceneries :smile:

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