Best way to play Microsoft flight sim on Xbox

Hi, I think the best ways to use Microsoft flight simulator on Xbox today is the gamepass actually because, I’ve bought the most expensive version for what?
11 airports and 5 airplanes more
And that cost 120€
When I see the pain of devs to create content on this simulator, I regret to not stayed on the gamepass version.
Maybe I’m wrong? What is your feelings about that?
Have you own this game too or are you playing by gamepass?
I’m just curious be fair and constructive please I think it’s can help some potential new simmers to decide to buy it now or wait a bit or maybe buy the pc version that 's all

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I’m not on Game Pass, but I regret buying the base version rather than the Premium Deluxe. I’d read that you could upgrade, but the article didn’t mention that it would cost significantly more to do so.

Additionally, buying it on Xbox automatically qualifies it for PC due to the Play Anywhere support.

I play on the gamepass and I absolutely love the sim although I wouldn’t pay £120 for just that


Hi folks,

As for me, I have first testes on Game Pass and then purchased the sim Premium Deluxe Edition (and the Reno DLC, too - mostly for the planes).

And it is true - I have also installed the sim on my PC (but it’s definitely not powerful enough).

Got a TM T.Flight HOTAS One and a TB Velocity One more recently.

I bought the reno update too, but don’t play it often :sweat_smile:

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I bought the game via steam so game pass isn’t an option. The premium version gave me the 787 and the Longitude which i like to use.

I think one weird thing in connection with game pass is that people are using it because they can play the game at low cost but at the same time they are buying multiple DLC. Playing the game for a couple bucks per month but buying airports and 60 dollar aircraft is kind of contradicting.

Me neither - I thought there would be different kind of circuits… :expressionless:

I have one add on airport and a liveries pack

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I was on gamepass with the sim when it came out but purchased the premium deluxe version for the added planes (wanted the C700 Longitude) which was worth it for my use. I use a hotas one and wireless mouse and chatpad also attached to my controller, works well.


Ha! Ha! We are quite different. :wink: Which is what I like in the simming community. I have primarily purchased the Premium Deluxe for the Cessna 172 with traditional gauges… :smiley:


Not at all this is the concept :blush: I prefer use the gamepass like a test platform but you can also invest the money you save for more content on the game you like most and finally when the money come buy the game because you think it worth it this is a concept and I think it’s a good idea for a lot of people

Hooo I love this airplane I prefer gauges than glass cockpits

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I guess that makes us vintage in some way! :wink:

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And vise versa - if you buy it for PC you can also get it on xbox for no additional cost



Content will be coming, for both xbox and PC versions.
Given the amount of copies of MSFS sold, 3rd party developers are going to cash in on this.

Yes, there is no doubt the sim is taking a while longer than a lot of us would like to see, and as a result, it’s making it quite hard for those 3rd party developers to get in on it.
As has been said in here countless times, this is a revolutionary design in sims.
Nobody anywhere has done anything like it.
I personally believe Asobo ran into more issues than they had suspected, and it is taking a while longer than anticipated to sort them out.
This is no doubt compounded by the amount of sales they had.
That translates into many more different computer set ups that have to be taken into the equation.

You also have to bear in mind that all the other simulators were just a better version of the preceding one.
That made it a whole lot easier to get things going on those older sims.
They took a year or so to get stabilized when they were released.
While there does seem to be legacy code from those older sims used here, the vast majority is brand new.
It is going to take longer.

This sim will settle out.
The question is do you want to wait for that.
If so, for the short term, PC is the better idea.
In the long run, I suspect they will be about equal.


New member here, and I love all of the information.

I use MSFS on my series X with the Thrustmaster TCA Yoke & Quadrant Pack Boeing Edition. The mapping on MSFS and the Thrustmaster user guide is WAY off. I can’t even custom map because the buttons on the TM and MSFS are totally different. Anyone have this issue? I have figured out what buttons do what, but I cannot figure out how to use the brakes. Anybody know how to use brakes on the TM? I’m tired of having to grab the xbox controller and hitting X to brake.

Thank you!

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To remap the yoke and/or throttle:

• Go to Controls and select the yoke/throttle

• You’ll see on the left there is a box that says “Assigned” change that to “All”

• Now you will see every mappable bind currently in the sim.

• Find one you want to map.

• Click scan and press the key on the yoke/throttle you want to use

• You’ll see it appear with the correct number as MSFS sees it.

• You may want to take some note for the future for each button”s number.

Let me know if this gets you started or if you need more info.

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Thank you Nixon!
I will try it and let you know how it works.

Also, do you happen to know if the Thrustmaster TPR pedals work on the Series X?

Thanks again!

I have the pedals and they aren’t as nice as I’d like them to be, but their price point is very fair. I definitely appreciate the progressive application of the brakes when on the ground. My favorite plane is a taildragger and tipping her onto her nose using a button for brakes just wont do. Having rudder pedals, though, is far better than not having them, at least for me.

The issues with them are twofold:

  1. Their resolution is lower on Xbox than when they are plugged into a PC. This results in less precision when using them.

  2. Out of the box, their mechanism has a fair amount of “stiction”. Meaning they sort of move in a skipping/notchy/stepped way that makes them not feel smooth and linear in their progression. Keeping them lubed with silicone grease is helpful to improve their behavior. I also disassembled them and removed high spots in the plastic so they slide along the metal railings better. This improvement helped. If you’re on carpet or have pet hair, you’re going to need to tend to them a bit.

Don’t be too put off, but know they may need some attention to improve their behavior.

Also, drop the sensitivity. There are a number of threads regarding weird rudder behavior in the sim and I sometimes wonder if that is also to blame for the performance overall.

I started first on game pass as it was an a great way to try the game before purchase . I have since purchased the deluxe version, for the extras as well as I want to download add ons and at some point it will be pulled from game pass .
So far it’s worked extremely for me on Xbox Series X. Samsung 65” 4K tv, Hotas One and using controller with chat pad as keyboard. I’m going to add the Boeing quadrant and a numeric pad for more keybind options.

I’m a casual simmer, turned enthusiast. I have learned a lot about aircraft and flying in the last few months. I look forward to the journey.

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