Beyond Ultra for PC

I was thinking of the file:
C:\ProgramData\MSFS Addons Linker/MSFS_Addons_Linker.ini

There are a few undocumented toggles in there.
The following for example delete content.xml, cache folder and scenery folder:


I thought there was an option to delete UsrCfg.opt but now I cannot find it in the file, so maybe I made a mistake.

But this addon would still be a great venue to tinker with that file if at all possible…

So that would be rolling back to SU4 without the need to roll back? Surely no would would be complaining then, or am I missing something?

Great Graphics, with underrated physics… Is an arcade for babies.


Yes it’s like turning the volume to 11.


Was anyone under the impression an XBX would be on par with a 3080?

I know that in busy airports, detailed airports like fsdt KORD or flytampa klas, or default KLAX I went from 18-20 fps on ultra to 30-40 ultra on a 3080 ti. I can’t imagine an xbx being able to get 30-40 fps at any of these airports.

I genuinely don’t see this as their motive here. I think it has more to do with making the sim more efficient for 95% of their customers, pc included. When this was released the min gpu was a gtx 770… Which u cannot imagine what that looked like, recommended was a 970, ideal was a 2080. I don’t know if any of these users are really complaining, in fact, after release this update was hailed as a huge leap forward for the sim. It wasn’t until ultra high end top 5% users with 11900k/3080ti setups noticed a loss in quality that it got attention and that took a few days for it to catch on. I certainly noticed it with the crj and dc6, neither have been fixed yet.

Do you know what underrated means?


Please tell me… Everyone has their own opinions…

Still remember seeing that when it first came out in theaters.

I recommend the following equally self deprecating categories:

“I should just go back to FSX already” = Low
“Dumbed down for my XBox” = Medium
“I hate on XBox, but my PC is slower than one” = High (running at 18 fps)
“I overpaid just to fund scalpers” - Ultra
“OMG I can really see the difference!” - Ultra + “Beyond Ultra” Placebo

You forgot

“Wow, 30fps on my newly released console matches the 30fps on my 6 year old PC”

MS not overly fond of this naming convention.

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Surely a $500 Xbox has an $800 or higher GPU in it! Probably two of them!

Not related to beyond ultra but option will be added and LOD will be higher then previous SU4 as well.
Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix

They do admit to loosing money on every unit sold

(probably first year until recouping R&D but I’m cynical)

You said it all! MS does not care about PC users, the money now will come from the huge pool of potential new Xbox FS2020 gamers and all the control MS will have over third party products sales that will mandatory be done thru MS marketplace only.


Or why is my game now worse than it was 12 months ago.


Sony do this too.
The console is a loss leader. It’s not supposed to make the profit itself.
It’s supposed to expose you to a closed sales ecosystem.

In the same way that ticket sales aren’t where bands make their profit in music tours…it’s merchandise sales which make the money.

Yup. Totally agree…

Underrated means not appreciated. You are making a point the physics is bad, yet you use the term underrated. Hence, my comment that you perhaps don’t know what underrated means.

They limited the ram management doubt any mods can fix it

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