BeyondATC - AI Based ATC

I ran across this company when I was browsing FS Expo show exhibitors. It looks promising from the video so I plan on stopping by their booth at the show to try a demo of it.


OK, I am interested. Great marketing!


Yes, I love their marketing. I thought it was a great way to show off key features while adding humor to it!

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Allegiant 68, jeeze, you really got dressed down :laughing:


Looks/sounds like being a must have.
Standard ATC is still a bit of a laugh imho.


Website with Discord link here:

So this this was just announced. Looks very interesting!


Indeed. I wonder if it supports diversions or emergency situations handling.

Looking forward for more informations

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It says it supports VFR. Wonder what that means. Circuit procedures? ORP’s? Would be revolutionary…


Personal Comments and Observations

I won’t fly with FSLTL, FSTraffic or any other solution that requires injected offline traffic. It’s too much of a performance and local storage (for models and liveries) hit. It either works using AI Online Vanilla Sim traffic or it’s a hard pass. Posted on Discord, but it’s unanswered in their FAQ as of now.

Edit: Someone on the server said it will support AI Online. Promising, but let’s see what it’s like in Beta.

I hope MSFS/Asobo can address Simconnect issues/limitation so the offline injectors don’t become such a performance killer!

Me too, but there’s other threads for that.

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it looks like dusk is coming for PRO ATC SR :rofl:


Does anyone out there know if BeyondATC will be coming to the XBOX platform or is it not going to work on XBOX due to the XBOX’s O/S?

i would really like to see this as we have been denied lots of good things on XBOX

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I would be surprised as it requires an application to run (like Pilot2ATC does on PC).

They have a Discord you can ask on but I doubt it.

None of the other existing 3rd party ATC solutions are xbox compatible, I doubt this one would be.


Full flight demo video just launched!


Thanks, I’m not convinced yet. Hope it will be fully integrated into the sim. I don’t like addional windows.

Looking good. Day 1 for me if the price is reasonable, I’ve been waiting for this level of offline immersion since FS2002 lol.