Big Radials Nieuport 17

I love it! Now those are what I call “steam” gauges! Thank you for the teaser. I will be (im)patiently waiting in line for it’s release.

Superb! Can’t wait :yum:

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Coming soon :slight_smile:


Bring it on! I got a whole week off to mess around with it!

Video showing the torque effects of a rotary on a light frame and some engine blipping (A Sopwith Camel in this case not a Nieuport but still interesting) Sopwith Camel Rotary Engine Rock 'n' Roll - YouTube

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I almost cannot watch those guys kicking the prop. It’s so dangerous.

A video of a replica Nieuport 17 and Fokker Dr.1 flying around Old Warden

Who’s gonna make a Dr.1 for MSFS then? :wink:

Spinning the propeller is the only way to start the engine, it certainly isn’t dangerous as long as the correct procedures are followed. It’s done innumerable times a year at places like Old Warden entirely safely.


I just noticed that Orbyx are saying coming soon on their website. Looking forward to giving this a try out when it’s available.

id suggest purchasing at instead. the devs are a great set of guys, and buying direct from the devs means they keep a greater slice of the pie rather than handing over a chunk to someone else for merely “hosting” the product in a webstore


Yes will be doing.

looks great, i am interested.

MS/ASOBO aren’t merely “Hosting” a place for devs to put their content up and grabbing a portion of the devs money. They created and maintain and advertise the market/environment in which the devs can sell their wares and make a profit. Part of Asobo’s pitch to MS is the profitablity of MSFS 2020, including the Marketplace. Without being able to show a profit margin or showing a decline means it could be shut down.

Sorry to be rough, but I’ve seen this allusion that the MP is bad for collecting any fees too many times.

That said, do buy it from the Big Radials because any warplane will be altered to fit age ratings in the Marketplace. Also, MP really does have to speed up their process, waiting 4-7 weeks for an update the Devs have available through their own stores is frustrating.

Note: I buy from MP, Simmarket, and Dev sites. I might even add Orbx some day. Really depends on what’s being sold.

Looking forward to this plane. Pics look great.

i was referring to ORBX , not MS. make whatever purchase decisions you like, as far as im concerned, i paid my dues to asobo/ms already. if i can cut additional middlemen out of the equation such as orbx,flightsimstore,simmarket , et cetera in order to better support the devs, then thats precisely what im going to do


I only buy Asobo aircraft from Marketplace. I have the Top Rudder Solo and the Husky. No update delays (:grin:) and never get broken by SUs.

I used to do it at work for the resident Tiger Moth and occasional visitors - once swung the prop on Brian Lecomber’s Stampe when he visited, after which we got a short aerobatic display :grin:. Swinging props is perfectly safe, provided you respect the aircraft and have been properly trained.

it’s far more dangerous to drive your car to work every day than pull a prop through once in a while

It’s released, ladies and gents! It’s a pretty cool bird! What are you waiting for? :wink:

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Purchased! But looks like I picked the wrong week to sprain my ankle. Can’t use my rudder pedals and my stick doesn’t twist so I’m grounded until this ankle heals up, bah! Even though I’ve already purchased it I’m still looking forward to reviews and such, so get cracking chop chop!

Reading the manual and glad to see this essential bit of kit modelled!