Bind Sync Heading Bug to Joystick Button?

I want to assign a joystick button to the command synchronize heading bug to current heading but can’t seem to find that command in the list. Anyone know how to do this?


Try SHIFT+CTRL+H together - this might be it?


Did you find a way to bind it? I’ve tried everything and can’t seem to find an option. More to the list of really basic options left out.

No I have not found it. I understand that, maybe for DRM reasons, Microsoft have not exposed or made available many variables/commands. This is unfortunate if true and hopefully will be changed.

I tried to bind it a few weeks back. No Buena.

Reassuring that I’m not the only one facing this issue. Replying to get subscribed to replies.

I was able to bind the sync heading bug with a script in Spad.NeXT
Lots of variables there to customize the current limited control options in MSFS.

Check out the forums, they are a helpful bunch!

The SET HEADING BUG key binding is suppose to bug the current heading. Due to a bug with the bug it only sets it to 360°. Suggest an official report via ZenDesk so the developers can see it.


Reported to Zendesk.

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Just to reiterate this is still a problem and still needs attention…


I have ‘H’ key on my streamdeck set up for selecting HDG mode for autopilot lateral guidance. Pressing it centers the heading bug on your current heading.

I will try again. The command is “select HDG mode”? Does it also select the heading mode on the autopilot? (I don’t want that.)

Only if the autopilot master switch is selected on. If it is not, HDG mode will just be selected and may appear on the FMA if the aircraft has one, but will not be activated.

Interesting. Can you share?

Still no sollution?

Not as far as I can determine. I thought it might be fixed in Sim Update 3 but alas not. Strange as it would seem to be an easy bug fix but maybe not or maybe not a priority.

I finally found a solution to this using It is an addon for hardware drivers. I was able to assign a button on my Honeycomb yoke to sync the heading bug to the current magnetic course. It was actually quite easy in the end. Still not sure why Asobo hasn’t exposed a variable for this. Strange.

Bind Sync Heading Bug to Joystick Button?

no news solution from asobo? update 5 and nothink possibility?

No problem with is your best friend. Worth every penny :wink: