Bind Sync Heading Bug to Joystick Button?

Mods are players too. :sunglasses:

I solved it by using Mobiflight to map a custom command to my VKB GA Module. Same solution for the VNAV button.

would love to see this fixed Asobo…


  1. create a new document in wordpad++
  2. paste the following text without the quotes into the document
    “hdg = ipc.readSW(0x582) – Gets current TRUE heading, in same units as AP Hdg
    hdg = hdg - ipc.readSW(0x2A0) – convert to MAGNETIC by subtracting Mag Var
    ipc.writeSW(0x7cc, hdg) – write to the A/P Hdg bug”
  3. save file in FSUIPC main folder as “currheading.lua” without the quotes
  4. restart FSUIPC and choose “Lua Currheading”


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Sigh, been what, nearly 2 years since this has been posted, and yet still no solution.

All I want to do is have a keybind that I can map to a button on my HOTAS, or to an emulated TouchPortal button on my tablet, so I can line up the heading bug with my current heading.


3 years after… All the same. I cannot bind a key to do what a right click on the HDG knob do.


Hi CC.

Sorry for the rather late response to your May 22 post!

Could you possibly go into a little more detail on how to use Mobiflight to map a custom command for ‘Sync Heading Bug’ to the VKB GA Module? I assume basically the same process would apply for VNAV.

I have looked at the tutorials on the mobiflight site and scrolled the forum only to find a massive community and technology option I was completely unaware of. Any pointers on how to get started would therefore be highly appreciated!

Hi! The commands I use are in this thread:

Thank you very much for the quick response.

I downloaded mobiflight, had a bit of messing around looking at basic tutorials which only added to my confusion. Then I just followed the steps suggested and it worked a treat! Thank you again.

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works with every plane Ive tested except the Just Flight arrows (if anyone knows why, I´d appreciate it…) (

I successfully use SPAD.neXt to send AS1000_PFD_HEADING_SYNC Event with my Logitech Multi Panel HDG button.

Obviously because of its name it is for G1000 avionics, but it might work for other things or there might be a similar options for other systems.

Just wasted half an hour looking for the non-existent SYNC HEADING BUG. I don’t understand why it isn’t there. Not mad keen on running external software for one binding.

Oh well, there’s always MSFS 2024 (maybe, perhaps, perhaps not).


Mobiflight works well and reliably, and doesn’t have a noticeable impact on pc load / game frames. I use it daily for Heading Sync and VNAV, great tool.

Do you how to realign heading bug from drift of course on Xbox series X?

Not sure how to do that. I am on PC and use to do that but it probably doesn’t work for Xbox.