[BinerSim] WIII - CGK - Soekarno–Hatta International Airport - Jakarta, Indonesia

I think that can be done by manually editing the files. But I have so many payware airports myself, if every single one has a star, my world map will be filled with them… lol.

How can you edit the files?
I do want my world filled up with stars :slight_smile:

Were you also overcharged by MS Store when you bought it?

The product has a price for me of 11,750.00 tax included as stated in these two documents

But I was charged 11,843 + 1,539.59 for a total of 13,382.59

It is a small overcharge I know, just 1,632.59 but at the end it is not what was publised and confirmed in the receipt, one of the reasons I don’t like to buy in the market place
Seems not like a legal way either.

I wonder if the same happened to someone else


No, because my MSFS is from Steam edition, so I bought the airport via marketplace through Steam store.

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@NeoKingRthur Would you have idea if any GSX profiles are available for WIII?

I haven’t found any so far… But I am planning to make and publish a GSX profile myself. Unfortunately I’m on a break from MSFS at the moment, so I don’t have ETA on when I will have it available.

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Great to hear that you have planned to create one.

Okay, so I’m beginning to make the GSX Profile. Turns out, there’s almost 200 parking spaces in this airport :skull:

I just started, but I managed to get 11 gates so far. So I’m getting into grips with the GSX airport customisation and expect it to speed up in the following weeks. But they do take time, so please be patient.

Basically, I’m overhauling the entire thing as per the GSX functionality, meaning I’m lining up every single parking spot and matching it with the ground markings, and setting up the pushback pathways for every single parking spot for every possible turns. This is including any available Cargo Parking as well.

Every single parking spot will be assigned with the appropriate Airline codes. The goal is, if you have liveries used for AirTraffic variety (AIG or SimpleTraffic), hopefully only those airlines will populate the right gates at the right terminal. For example: GIA and CTV on T3 domestic terminal, GIA and international airlines will populate the T3 International terminal, Lion and Batik Group will be in Terminal 2.

I also would start to implement the VDGS that matches the real-world VDGS type for the Northwest facing Terminal 3 aprons. I just placed the working VDGS from GSX Pro in front of the inop VDGS from Binersim scenery objects. Those parking spots who doesn’t have the VDGS object, I will leave them with Marshalls. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like.

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Thank you so much for your tremendous efforts in the creation of GSX profiles for WIII. Surely a major excercise considering the depth of details that you mentioned.

Thank you.