Bing data streaming issues Nov 2023

Communication just posted :slight_smile: Bing Maps Outage 2023-11-15



This is becoming a more frequent problem. It’s also worrying if MSFS2024 is all about the ‘thin client’ and more reliant on streaming.


Ok good to hear it’s not me at least.

The quality of this game heavily depends on the quality of the servers, and will become more so in FS2024.

Speed, bandwidth and reliability are expensive, so I hope this doesn’t become a more frequent issue.

No screenshots for me on my one day away from real flying today… :frowning:


Have the same problem here. LA, England. San Fran. Looks like a huge data issue. No ground textures, No programmetry either. And very few trees.

Deffinately something is wrong.

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I tried changing USA East / West but that did not make any difference. Seems like a complete outage as it is not even a bandwidth issue with limited Mbps streaming, seems to be no data at all.

I think it is more than just Bing outage as everything loading generic items for me.

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All the information you need on this thread post.

This sim is so strange. I flew multiple flights today. First from Memphis to Greenville MS and then from Houston TX to San Antonio TX and then from Nelson New Zealand westward and never saw any issues with ground scenery. Im in southeast US ifthat helps solve the mystery.

I’m using Bing Maps and AutoOrtho with XP12. Working fine with XP12.

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Yup, no Bing Maps ground textures for me either as of 0630Z

Nope not working here, just finished a flight from KOKC to KATL and everything aside from the payware airports looks like an FSX flashback

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No Bing here in Tokyo

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mine looks like this cuz I’d deleted offline mesh files long time ago!


Me too for the last hour here in Southern California.

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Same here, just north of Toronto in Ontario Canada.

Me too for the last hour .

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Me too…Germany, Austria etc

Same here. Las Vegas has no photogrametry…

+1 here! noticed this in the last hour


I’ve very fearful of MSFS2024 being able to withstand a more streamed based service when the current Sim struggles so much, live weather (persistent issues), bing maps, azure etc. Pretty much once a week there’s an issue with something.

I hope the server related issues are dealt with in the utmost priority.



Over the last week I have also started to experience the ‘Connection Lost’ and ‘Your System has trouble streaming data. You have been switched to offline mode’ quite frequently again. That’s a reoccurrence of a problem that I thought was historical. Nothing has changed at my end so…

Like CraigRiga I have concerns for the future.