Bing data streaming issues Nov 2023

You are currently offline and do not have the optionnal offline mode installed, so cannot start a new flight”

MSFS will automatically attempt to reconnect to internet

I don’t know if this is bugged been fine since I’ve brought the game until now

I get the same message…no flying for me :slightly_frowning_face:

Ok so if i see it correctly this problem is now since more then 8 hrs and still no news or updates from MS??

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The online service tracker leaves something to be desired. It often lies! Asobo/Microsoft are aware of this issue though, there’s a notice banner at the very top of the forums and a dedicated forum post in the Announcements

Hopefully it’s fixed soon, was planning a flight with a mate and it was doing the same for him so fingers crossed it’s fixed

There is a banner available at the top of every page on the forums with the latest information. We will update this as we investigate further.

Bing Maps Outage 2023-11-15 - Microsoft Flight Simulator / News & Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


The Netherlands, West European server. Same issue and experiencing micro stutters during flight.

As of 11:02 UTC the banner says they e tracked it down to a Bing server outage, but if I understand it correctly, the textures are streamed from separate servers with modified (e.g. corrected for colour / clouds etc) texutres, not directly from Bing maps servers.

Also, Bing maps is displaying satellite imagery just fine currently.

my internet has been playing up lately and I thought it was the issue, but kinda glad to hear its just Bing being stupid… Hopefully they get this sorted out soon.

A banner is all very well, but after more than 8 hours a further update as to progress and expected time to fix would seem to be appropriate. Also information as to the impact that this has, so that people (like me) don’t waste time assuming there is something wrong with their installation and try various “fixes”. For example can you confirm that this means the vast majority of trees and buildings will no longer be shown? Not everyone understands how the technology works together. Are there other impacts? Are there any workarounds at all?


The banner has been updated to advise players that a Bing Data Server outage has now been confirmed. We also note that we will update players further as we receive more information. There are no current workarounds as it is not an issue users are able to circumvent. We are doing our utmost to ensure services are back up and running as soon as possible and appreciate your patience.

The MSFS Team


It shouldn’t take 8 hours to diagnose a server outage. That should be pretty clear pretty quickly….

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same problem here in europe – no bing scenery at all

I can’t fly anywhere as a result. It says I’m offline and need the offline content to play the game.


Series X.

Simulator’s still not working online. The world map is gray (no satellite imagery) and flights cannot be loaded if the “offline world” (60 GB) is not installed. (Xbox Series X)

Hi, i am using msfs on xbox and today i am trying to start a flight but when i click the fly now button it wont let me fly and brings up a message saying im currently offline etc but im not and restarted everything and checked all my settings options and everything okay. So my question is: are the servers down for msfs today and anyone else having issues starting a flight? Thanks

The issue was investigated within minutes of the first reports coming through, with Bing servers being the focus. Finding the root cause of an issue and why/where the outage is occurring can take some time as teams investigate more deeply.

The MSFS Team


all of a sudden i loaded MSFS 2020 and in the world globe where you create your flight plan the terminals don’t show up just circles and grass…
i’m enclosing a creen shot any one know why i can’t see the terminals?

This is all because of the Bing Streaming issues. Normally, you’d have the Bing Map in the background. Only the runways are placed in the world map, everything else uses the satellite imagery.

I really wanted to fly yesterday and today but can’t as it says I’m offline and need to download the offline content.

Misobo, can you at least give us a timeline or something?