Bing Maps in dire need of an update

Microsoft needs to update the Bing Maps at least on the level of Google Maps.

The roads, railroads and city skylines are in an urgent need of update for VFR.

Microsoft needs to upscale its game at least on par with Google Maps, if not better.

Please take this seriously. Thanks.


Yes this is something urgent if we speak about the auto gen textures of satalite images around the globe. And Blackshark A.I really need to Step up their game. Buildings is still lacking quality


Speak for yourself, my city in Australia is amazing in Bing, recent, high res and photogrammetry.
Google is so old that prominent tall buildings are just fields lol.


We really need a First World Problems Forum.

Asobo: Here’s the world.

Us: Yeah but 30 seconds ago it changed.


Looks fine


It’s understandable that it uses Bing photography rather than the far superior Google ones.
It’s far less understandable that it doesn’t use the latest Bing version.


How does that new data mesh with the plate next to it, and next to that, is there clouds, is the lighting right, is there things visible that cannot be transferred to the gaming audience world wide … it’s a little deeper than this one is newer lets use it.


I live in Delaware, USA and most of the scenery and photogrammetry here is easily five years out of date. Local roads and shopping malls that were completed years ago are still construction sites in MSFS


In places that I’ve spot-checked in Bing, I’ve noticed that Bing can be more up-to-date than MSFS. There are areas where I live that are five years out-of-date in MSFS, but in Bing, they’re fine.
I’m not sure if it was a deliberate decision to use older data (I hope not, and if so, I hope it was for certain reasons like maybe some older data was easier to import), but once it’s in the sim, I think it must be difficult to update. Unfortunately, I don’t think that the process of importing the data is as simple as hitting a button. I think that a lot of manual work has to be done, which is why the world is getting updated piece-by-piece.


Have you tried the Google map mod from Converts the entire earth to google mapping and works quite nicely.


The Google Map mod is not discussed on this forum. Thanks.


Well in every other sim in the past you just had generic buildings generated on landclass you had to buy from 3rd parties, so sounds like we’re good aren’t we.


I’ve said it before in another topic. If you for instance look at the stadium (host of the superbowl this year) in front of LAX which still isn’t there (yes there is a mod)…


I’m with you pal, I think if msfs used Google maps it would be so much better! :100::muscle:

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Yes and if Ford used Mercedes engines that would be better too. It’s not going to happen. However, I see no reason why msfs can’t use up to date Bing mapping.


I’m sure there’s a joke about Toyota and Lexus somewhere…

Thanks for explaining graphics to me, and how some graphics are better than others.

Oddly, I have eyes so the explanation was entirely unnecessary.

You may wish to keep your eyes on the planned System and World Updates to see what Asobo plans to update in the near future.

And a general FYI: Asobo is not going to switch to Google maps any more than Microsoft is going to switch to Mac OS. Bing is MS’s own search and maps engine. Asobo, because they are partnered with Microsoft on this project, gets to use Bing maps data for free. It is worked into the budget of the project and Microsoft has folks on their end helping Asobo use the data. They aren’t jumping ship to pay for the rights to use a competitor’s map data any time soon. It is folly to think otherwise. If you want 1st party Google maps in a flight simulator, instead of asking Microsoft to use Google data, you may as well ask Google to make a flight simulator themselves.

As was noted above, it is not a topic for these forums for the obvious reasons I just listed. It is also why we don’t get Mac support in this forum.

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A couple of Q&As ago, Jorg said that the sim was using Bing data for imagery real time. It’s clearly not happening.

The MSFS data for my city is 6-7 years old now based on some bridge construction in my city. Areas around the city are about 10 years old. Yet live data in Bing is less than 2 years old.


Pre release, there was talk of running the AI against the data they had over a 72 hour period to generate the autogen buildings etc. It was in one of the feature videos. I imagine that there is a shed load of work to be done before that step to take the maps data and turn it into formatting that the AI can work on, combine it with open streetmap data, terrain data etc etc - plus there are a lot of manual tweaks over and above all that. So whilst they can update, it isn’t trivial and (as noted above) is probably one of the primary reasons for the world updates where they can focus their available person power in specific areas at a time. Pretty sure it’s not just a case of “great, updated Bing maps for this area has just come in, just copy and paste that into the sim will you?”


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