Bing Maps Not Loading!

Did it come right by itself or did you do something to fix ?

Yes, unfortunately I have not had a good experience with the developers or support in the past.
If everyone worked like this, we would still be in the caves.
What has helped with me, log in to msfs and restart.

The game just fixed itself but I’ll mostly likely be back the next day with the same issue it did this yesterday as well weirdly enough.

I doubt the problem fixed itself … Steam have obviously replaced or reset a broken server or two.

Mine came right last night, hadn’t tried it since morning, no settings changed, pc was running all day no restart. Loaded game up at 10pm last night and all was working, was to tired to play though.

That’s strange, my mine returned as well late last night and has been operating since then. I’m not going to be overly enthusiastic, because that’s what occurred the last time, and it reverted to no satellite data.

Problem solved last night by itself!

Yes likewise, been good all day touch wood

This just started happening for me yesterday out of the blue. Long loads & CTD when starting a flight with online services enabled. I clean re-installed MSFS and now I’m getting the exact same behaviour with Bing maps as shown here. World map quality is trash, and in flight - nearby scenery becomes the default trash tiles, but I’m getting the bing data further away from the plane/camera.

Speak to your ISP

ISP seems unlikely… Speeds are blazing, I’m getting Bing data which is being applied at distance, but it’s clearly not rendering where and when it should - and also observing a bunch of others globally exhibiting the same behaviour.

Oh Ok then. Good luck.

I just thought they might get more of a reaction out of Steam.

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Yes this is still an issue with hundreds of new posts in the last 24 hours of users complaining about it. There is nothing the user can do to fix it. It has nothing to do with user internet or in game settings. It solely sits with MS to rectify this and they have been completely silent on the issue. They couldn’t give two f**ks about their customers clearly.

getting the same thing here i think its a server issue

Seems to be the same problem:

Still horrible scenery here for me.
This sim is so unreliable.

This issue has gone on now for days. Last night was a perfect flight with photog scenery. Today, back to square one…sim wont even load photog areas.

Aside from the su/wu issues that bring their on set of bugs…now the servers themselves are unreliable. This is not a good sign…

Issue just started to get worse. No Bing data is being loaded.
Server status says OFFLINE.

Yeah, not loading here again too. It was ok a couple hours ago. Hope we don’t have another weekend with this problem until Monday. Hopefully they can fix it tomorrow before going out for the weekend.

Almost one day again without the Bing maps data. This is getting ridiculous.