Bit overreaction here for something you need to squint at to see the difference

Brilliant post

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It seems you forget that we are not speaking of something promised but not real…instead we are speaking of an overall graphic quality that was real till the last update and that was there for almost one year. So, yes for some people is a downgrade. They should simply allow for better settings for people that can appreciate them, I don’t understand what’s the problem for people that instead are having no issues. You should be happy and spend your time playing instead of diminish the issues of the others.


Bravo, people on medium / low settings don’t notice a change with their GA’s at 2000 feet.
Stop saying there is no degredation or weird color grading happening if you never ran the sim remotely close to ultra.

I rest my case, and this thread is muted.

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I run on high/ultra tyvm. Looks and runs fine.

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It is still beautiful, yes, I agree…but it is definitely not like before in terms of colour, saturation, definition of soil and objects

I use a custom reshade preset for that, just as I’ve been doing the last 6 months.
Granted doesn’t work in VR (not yet anyway) but it’s great to tweak beyond what MSFS can do anyway.

Borrowed from Reasons for using ReShade, attempt to use its shaders instead of some MSFS2020 effects - #13 by FijiPilot and adjusted a little to taste. I’m not a fan of the ultra sharp graphics settings as they can introduce weird artifacts, which is why I’ve settled on the mid strength as a base.

Cinematic MSFS2020 v2 (mid sharp).ini Here:







I’m positive placebo is playing a good part here too. There’s no way to do a A/B comparison since there’s no way to run SU4 side by side for one person to compare. It’s the bandwagon and this one is fully oiled and everyone wants to get on it.
I swear I’ve seen people post the two pictures of supposed comparison but I can’t tell a difference, they both look good to me. I’ve seen people talk about the whole .cfg file configuration as if it makes a difference and I don’t see any. In some cases the settings they apply is not even valid or applicable but they boost about the gained graphic fidelity all while it’s the same freaking setting lol.
Placebo is one huelluva drug!

I got a 1080Ti, I ran on HIGH/ULTRA… not sure what your point is. It looked good then, it still looks good now but even smoother.

The graphics certeinly are un-real ! you know you got something special when something as simple as a screen shot can make you smile :grin:

How does this address the nerfing of the PC version?

Anyway, the point is that you won’t notice the degradation since you are running such a low resolution I personally haven’t run since Nvidia 680GT days some 10 years ago.

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I can multi-task too.

it’s not you or any other 1080p player’s place to tell us how to feel or whether or not we’re allowed to complain

Oh boy.

Anyway, the point is that you won’t notice the degradation since you are running such a low resolution I personally haven’t run since Nvidia 680GT days some 10 years ago.

Because for the vast majority of the player base it’s not nerfed at all?

Loving the screen elitisim going down here.

Sorry, but who are you to say this is a nonsense? Why you are constantly trying to diminish the issues of the others? It doesn’t make much sense to continuously posting trying to convince people everything is fine. I’m not questioning your experience, but please don’t pretend to tell me what I see with my eyes.

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People are missing the point. Companies that invest millions/billions and with MSFS it’s an ongoing expense (servers), they’re not going to take measures to keep the 1.5% happy. They’re going to do what’s need to get the 98.5% satisfied (and try to get their business). That’s just how it works. You can come on here and cry about it all you want, which is what’s going on anyways.

Eventually, you’ll get your fix… EVENTUALLY. But as of right now, the majority rules.

I personally don’t see a difference to begin with at 1440P (can’t believe I have to specify that now). Sorry your 3090 at 4K looks like doodoo…try X-Plane.


It’s not stopping you playing at all.

You could even run at 1080p on a 4K monitor in a pinch until they implement some settings for the visual hoi poloi, but of course that would slumming it down here with us lowrez plebs, so I can understand why you can’t do that.

I’m not telling you what you see isn’t true. I’m saying WHAT I SEE is still as good as before. There’s a difference.

And yes, some people do like hopping on the bandwagon, I wasn’t born yesterday and discover the internet today.

No, sorry you are missing the point. This SIM was all about visual, this is a fact

Is still as good as before “on your machine”…which makes the meaning of the sentence completely different

I never complained since the spikes in December

This topic is receiving many flags. Keep posts focused on MSFS and not on each other. Closing this topic.