Bits and Droids flight connector V0.9 is out!

Hi guys. This week I released version 0.9 of the Bits and Droids flight connector. I created the connector to make it simpler to create your own hardware without compromising on customizability. There are many tools out there already that let you use an Arduino for mfs2020. Mine is aimed towards the tinkerers, the DIYers, the coders, or those with a specific goal.
Don’t want to use an Arduino? No problem, use any microcontroller that can receive serial data over USB.
Are the components you want to use not supported by other programs? No problem as well. The connector isn’t bound to a specific set of components. If you can set it up, the connector will handle the data.
To illustrate this, I’ve hooked up my coffee machine with an esp32 to brew me a cup of coffee whenever I land. Now, this might be the most useless invention ever, but I’m also working on mfs2020 driven smart lightning, Cessna 172 peripherals, and much more. The same connector drives all.

In this update:

  • The possibility to save outputs in bundles.
  • Send these bundles to your desired microcontroller
  • It’s now possible to send and receive from the same board
  • First steps towards a cleaner UI

Up next?