Black lines in the water

These lines are caused by mismatched photogrammetry tiles and they’re everywhere, they’re just more noticeable on the water because it’s a flat surface. Meanwhile on the ground you’ll usually find them between buildings, trees or other structures.

Been a problem since release, and the only solution is to turn off photogrammetry. Turning up the Terrain LOD slider as much as you can helps because it moves those lines further away, but unfortunately in some specific cities, like Sydney for example, they are visible close-up even with Terrain LOD set to 400.

Just another of this simulator’s LOD issues, like the terrain morphing, coastline glitch and so on. A similar issue used to occur in the mountains, but with Sim Update 5 they reduced the visibility of the problem by stretching the terrain to cover the transparent lines. Perhaps they could do something similar with photogrammetry, but of course the best solution would be to work on a better shape retention algorithm to completely eliminate all these LOD issues.


I would just like to point out that this “water bug” is technically not about …

… unless one calls the generic 3D tiles that way. But they are not related to (or restricted to) photogrammetry in any way (at least not since Sim Update 5). E.g. there are lots of really nasty ocean cracks east of Baku (UBBB) and there is clearly no photogrammetry anywhere in that region.

The tile pattern seems to be the generic progressive LOD 3D pattern used by the sim (since Sim Update 5).

And I would not confirm that the cracks are limited to LOD boundaries. Those LOD boundaries are more elliptic from the cams perspective … and they can sometimes be seen very clearly if you find a region with ground texture LOD mismatch.

Now @ChaoticSplendid is correct in pointing out that there are LOD boundary specific cracks or even “holes” in the scenery. They can be easily identified if moving back and forth allows to form or remove a crack. Here is one such example from Azerbaijan which I bumped into a few days ago … this was not 3D data but texture based. The “black” holes seem to be only a lack of “images”.

But since this thread is about water cracks (there are other threads about the LOD based cracks and airport runway cracks) … let me finish with a “nice one” from the Baku area:


Thanks for the information. While I can spot nasty LOD issues everywhere, I haven’t seen these cracks outside of photogrammetry regions so far, so that’s interesting to see. These seem to be 3D cracks as well, which can turn the aircraft over in affected airports.

Congo River Estuary

I do wish this could be fixed. Seem to be seeing it even more lately. Such a shame because the scenery in this sim is generally stunning but ruined when you see this sort of thing. Loch Laggan, Scotland


I have the same problem in Venice. A fix would be nice.

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The issue seems to be better in Venice since the latest update, though it is still there. In fact seems to be in a lot of water area


Same here.
I saw many of them while checking the Venice photogrammetry.

It’s not new as I often saw this issue in many places.
It just seemed more frequent with this release.

The waterlines will probably never go away. The transitions between the tiles are actually tiny but difficult to equalize. But let’s face it. It could be worse. Just imagine if the lines were bright red :see_no_evil:

That really is such a shame if it isn’t fixable. The scenery in this sim really is incredible and to fly around such a realistic city such as Venice but then see lines like that in the water seems a major issue to me. So much effort going into making the ground/lighting/autogen look realistic and then it’s spoiled by these odd lines in the water. Strangely I know someone who says he has never seen them in his!!

I noted was a diagonal black line from St. Marks square to the Hilton Molino Stucky almost as if sections of scenery arent quite aligned. It has been reported that if you hit this line at some speed with a float plane it causes a CTD. Hitting it at lower speed causes a jump. I had not seem these lines so pronounced but since the Italien job they are everywhere.

hitting them seems to cause a CTD as they seem bigger and wider in this Italien release.

There are some people who don’t see problems even if they jump in their face with a running start. :joy:
But admittedly I’m a bit jealous of these people.

However, the blemishes mentioned here hardly annoy me.

Hi, I’ve been having these dark lines in water problem since early last year, and I’ve reported this to the ZenDesk. It shows up in the water around San Francisco (USA) also (and yes in Venice, Italy). As far as I know it has not been resolved as of today July 23, 2022…

You mentioned someone never experienced this problem. Can you share his PC specs? Thank you.

My PC specs: i7-8700k, 32 GB RAM, nVidia GTX 1070 ti and Windows Pro.

I’m also experiencing the issue with the black lines in the water.

Did the devs ever acknowledge the issue and say if they are planning to fix it?

Not that I know of. I hope it gets fixed eventually. I don’t know why it is not a priority. You would think it would be given a higher priortity since it adversely affects the entire world.


This problem really needs some attention to it. For me it just gets worse with each flight. Twelve months ago I only noticed a couple of Lines here and there but now…well, they are all over the place all of the time, on land, in the water.


I just did this with the Icon in Venice. Quite a smack in the face.

Noticed them before, but I think I’m hyper aware of it because I’m testing my first flight after installing SU10. The black lines bordering water tiles is very prominent (not sure if because I’m more looking for broken stuff due to update). But yes, thin black borders around water tiling. This was around KJFK. I voted this topic up.

It seems that turning off photogrammetry has fixed this issue for me also. While not an ideal solution, I can now fly up and down the coast without these annoying black lines and squares.

Thanks @ChaoticSplendid

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