Black lines in the water

Ideal or not, it does not address the problem at all. Without photogrammetry one might as well arguably use FSX, P3D or xPlane.

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Turning off photogrammetry does fix the black lines for me, but it also creates new issues, like random trees everywhere, including in the middle of some runways.

SU11 and these lines are still here (as of Nov 19, 2022).

What is puzzling is that scenery is THE thing that shines in MSFS but yet people apparently people find these black lines in the water acceptable or perhaps this is just isolated to a limited number of people.

I think that these lines don’t appear everywhere, just in certain geographical areas where photogrammetry is present.

Get similar and bridges missing. Cars driving on top off water where bridge should be. Thames river is prime example. Played with graphics but did not help. Rtx 2070 super gpu

These lines that can be seen are nothing more than lines imported in the process of construction of the scenarios by Asobo.
During the import process from OpenStreetMap, all water polygons are imported, those near the coast line on the side towards the sea cause this effect.

Most noticeable ones have been fixed a good deal … but there is a lot of work to be done by ASOSO.

These are not the same lines that we’re referring to. See the OP photos for clarification.