Black lines in the water

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On a lot of spots I see thin black lines in the water - eg. at LIPV near Venice and near KPDX in the Columiba River. Obvious it is depening on the angle of view as they are not there at first but when moving they’re appearing and stay afterwards. I tried varoius settings (MSFS boxed version with current status - photogrammetry is on) but the lines are remaining.

Is anyone here who has a solution for this problem?

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i ve it near venice yesterday . same artefacts, at the same places, did you skill 12 vfr academy ?

No Freed, I haven’t…

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my guess is that these artifacts are due to how the engine streams mesh/terrain data… which is sub-optimal to say the least. This has been around for quite some time.

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Jepp, the same cracks as on the water.

Dear dev’s: Do something to hide this lines :slight_smile:



There is a related thread …

… which however is explicitly not about “water” cracks … but it feels like this is falling in a similar category. I seems like in SU5 we have:

  • Persistent non-healing cracks … in ground and water
  • Shape shifting and healing cracks

It is still not clear if there is only one “bug” or if there are multiple causes. But what I think we could identify (especially with that crack at the coast of Wales) is that

  • a) the elevation data seem to have cracks … or has data which triggers the engine to generate cracks
  • b) those cracks are different in different LOD data sets

(b) is most likely the reason why some cracks are “healing” as the camera moves (if the crack is in a low res LOD data set) … and others do not heal.

Water might be slightly different as there is some active “flattening” and now with SU5 there is also additional active (wave) deformation. But @DJDonohoe took a screenshot of a interesting water crack, which suggests that the “active” deformation might not be the problem (as it feels consistent across a crack)

So far there seems to be no (useful) workaround.

… but just to clarify:

The thread you referenced was about a different type of bug … in the pre-SU5 game engine.

It seems like back then only in photogrammetry regions some kind of “race condition” inside the game engine triggered totally unpredictable cracks. While it was predictable that cracks can be triggered … their location and shape was always different.

But even back then some water cracks had a shape shift nature. When moving the drone cam forward and backward one could force a crack to flip between different visual states. That behavior of the water cracks is more similar to the SU5 cracks.

The new thing about SU5 cracks is that they are no longer restricted to photogrammetry regions.

The cracks in SU5 so far have only been reported for countries which did receive a World Update. Perhaps there is some causality in that.

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I have the same problem. I see these lines all over the world.

Note: This is after SU6
I found loads of these lines in water when flying the first couple of legs of the Finland bush trip. Every few hundred feet there was some artifact or other in the water. So, that should be a good test area should the Devs need it.

This bug is not even logged? How many votes it has to reach for the devs to notice it?..

Even with SU7 the lines in the water are still a problem. It really ruins screenshots and negates any immersion into the experience. They’s all over the place, and they seem to connect bits of land in the water. Recent shot looks like this, 2 lines to the starboard side of the aircraft.:

If you fly close to them, they look like this:

Maybe someone on the dev team will notice. Note: These were flying straight out from Runway 15 at KMTN. However, you can find them just about anywhere there is land stretching out into the water.

I’ve just flown out of LIPV for the first time and am seeing these lines too. Such a pity as Venice itself looks stunning in this sim but the lines in the water kill the realism in a big way.

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I’m also still having this issue.

I’m curious as only 23 people have voted on this issue thus far. Is anyone NOT having this issue? It seems to be especially noticeable along coastal waters. I tried to crank up the LOD, but the problem still remains. Anyone found a way to get rid of the lines?


I reported it during SU8 Beta. They said it was out of scope for that release.


No obvious solution to this problem.

Take care!


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No, this is a bug. The terrain tiles are not lining up correctly. They actually act as speed bumps. You can ride over them in the water with floats or the Icon A5.

XBOX X zero addons
I have been getting the black lines plus black / dark blue large squares along the coasts especially bad flying KLAX to KSAN,a bit better / much fewer flying KLAX to KSFO .As you approach the Squares they go a lighter shade and turn more dark blue than black then change to a thin dark line and disappear.I think I have always had this to a certain degree but recently it has got worse.

Yuck. Thats a massive bug if one asks me.

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Noted these today. Venice area, on sea. Running on Xbox one X.

Bijan Autumn scenery addon
Sim Update 9 beta
Default Cessna 152.
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