Black Square King Air analog

Hello! I recently purchased Analog King Air from black square and I am struggling to get the generators online. I am not sure what am I doing - following the checklist that came with the aeroplane everything goes fine, Engines are started and running normally. On checklist it says for generator (L & R) “reset then on” I do the exact same thing but DC GEN amber light remains illuminated along with generator volt meters reading zero when selecting that specific generator. I tried looking at the failures or anything like nothing there - Shouldn’t be as this a brand new install.

Any suggestions/comments?

Have a look here

Thanks will have a look

Make sure you have disengaged the starter switches (you have to do it manually when you reach 50% rotation)


You are correct - I left the starter switch to on before resetting the generators. On my second flight I reattempted with checklists and everything works as it should be.

Have and Issue with Instrument Flags not clearing. Anyone has an idea what i am doing wrong, or is it related to the issue where the latest update has broken all the BSQR instruments?
Followed the checklist to the letter everything works except for instrument!