Black Square Steam Gauge Overhaul - King Air 350i

It’s out! :smile:


Looks like the analog King Air is about to be released. Looks like what I was expecting from the “Premium” aircraft.

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Excitingly awaiting this. I love the analog caravan, and I will most likely love this as well.
This is the plane I did my MCC course on, with all the steam gauges and such. Can’t wait for the flashbacks! :smiley:
Also the developer is awesome, and if you have the analoge Caravan you get a nice 20% discount!


Do we have an ETA time on the 12 Oct, just so I can get my schedule aligned :grin:

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How about tomorrow?

Also sim YouTuber Into the Blue has made a comprehensive preview:


Now thats how a King Air pit is supposed to look! :smiley:


Woke up saw the email with the discount, thought it was released :frowning:

Well one more day.

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yep, same. haha

Thought it was released 1 day early for existing customers :rofl:


lets goooooooo im so stoked!

There are two things I am wondering:

  • Do the add-on liveries for the stock KA work with this new version?
  • Does it replace the default KA or do we see both of them in our virtual hangar?
  1. Yes, instructions in the manual
  2. No

I guess it’s the same as with the Caravan; you just follow the how-to in the manual for how to activate to the liveries.

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In anticipation I’ve been flying the default KA (hadn’t really flown it before) and collecting liveries (there are some good ones but hope this will revive interest in creating more).

The livery conversion process looks a bit involved to do for every livery though. If the structure/process is the same in the KA that it is for the Caravan I wonder if it will be easier to start with a black square-specific Caravan livery structure from to use as a basis to copy/paste/edit for KA liveries.

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Im mostly exited for the flight model changes

the rest is a nice bonus

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Wow it’s a great day. Between this being released and Airfoillabs released study level C172 NG Digital G1000 for XP 12, I should be very busy.

Anyone found a good POH that’s applicable to the modelled version yet?

Will this come to the market place?

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QUESTION does anyone know if Black Square has the power to overhaul the C90 what’s found in the marketplace?