Black Square Steam Gauge Overhaul - King Air 350i

Hi there. I’ve been having some issues with the autopilot oscillating the pitch trim like crazy on descent or climb. It quickly spirals the aircraft out of control Not sure if this is on Black Square or Working Title (GNS avianoics). I did have this issue before installing the WT GNS 530 as well.

Hi, I’ve had problems with the circuit breakers because some buttons appear stuck out and when I press them after 5 seconds they come back and go out and consequently I have several instruments that don’t work. Please if you know something I would greatly appreciate the help

check on the weather radar that mean you have some active faillures, and restore them

Anyone having FPS drops with King Air? I bought this plane last week and on every flight on cruise my FPS drops to half, from ~50 to ~25, and only gets to normal after sim restart.

It only happens with King Air

it has been mentioned by fellow users, on my side everything run fine, but l can suggest you to try rolling the weather radar on / off, it seems to help for some users affected by fps drop

I do find it a bit heavier on performance than say the cessna 414 or 310 and lose maybe 5fps when flying the King Air instead. I don’t, however, experience anything like a 50% drop in fps though. Maybe 10 to 14% loss ???

Personally, I am okay with the kind of slight fps drop I am getting though because of the extra fidelity and for me the extra immersion.

Not really having FPS drops.


As a VR user, I’m always at the knife’s edge of performance vs visual quality. Every upgrade, new plane or driver/OS update requires another round of tweaking.

After things stabilized with SU11, I found my best settings and spent a good week flying the Beaver and Kodiak blissfully around Alaska with the best performance I’ve had ever, basically ~42 FPS with no motion reproduction artifacts with real weather in VR. Took out the BS Analog King Air in the exact same conditions and was hitting ~28 FPS, so maybe a 33% performance hit, so something is awry. Could be an add on like the TDS GTNxi, but I hope they find a fix soon.


When it’s cold and dark, and even after takeoff, the performance is quite good, on pair even with PMDG 737 - more than 40 fps in VR.

The mess begins while in cruise with no apparent reason, and gets worse till park at destination.

Tried the thing with radar on/off but no succeed.

Waiting for the next update

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MSFS supports a thing called “Assisted Checklists”. You turn it on in the Assistance options → Piloting → Assisted Checklists → ON. When you turn checklists interface on there is a new button that does all the checklist items on the page, including the conditional logic. Almost all planes support this (Milviz 310, Flysimware 414, WB-Sim 172, FBW A320, inibuilds A310) with the exception of PMDG737 and Fenix A320.

I’m wondering if Analog King Air and Analog Caravan will have this implemented since they are perfect planes for that sort of thing?

Lots of switches, very complex, lot of checks with some logic behind them, but King Air especially could benefit with its 24h checklists.

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Yes seems to be working here.

It just checks them, but it doesn’t do anything actually.

Good afternoon, I have a RealSimGear 530 box connected to MSFS and using it in the King Air I’m getting multiple entries for each button push as it appears to be feeding to both 530 units. I know little of the back end but are the 530s both linked to the same events rather than GPS1 and GPS2? Is anyone else having these issues running an external control input like Streamdeck? What are the chances of getting separate models for the different avionics rather than having them all run but be hidden? It’s such a great plane and platform and the new GNS brings it alive. Thank you and any fix for the GNS input would be appreciated.

The 750 loads fine, but the 530 won’t load as my NAV/COM2, it briefly flashes and disappears. Here are the packages I have loaded (confirmed mounted in DEV mode)


from pms website :

In-cockpit WTT Mode: The aircraft has the GTN750 directly available in the cockpit with its own bezel. The aircraft uses the Working Title Technology (WTT) to manage the autopilot and the flight plan. You will get more features. This may require a specific extra package. Any other GPS in the cockpit is disabled in this mode.

Thanks, I had to remove this one:

Another question. What does the “GPS/APR” button on the main panel do? I saw nothing in the manual that addressed it

I do all of this via Streamdeck so hard to say for sure, but I imagine that this will arm and then confirm the GPS Approach versus the VLOC approach so that you know explicitly what it is trying to do or how it might try to kill you. It is a brilliant aircraft.

Yeah, it flew through the GS, maybe due to that. The 750 was VLOC and I had needles (APR armed on AP and green GS)

well, give you a short advice, the default vertical guidance, done by Asobo is kinda buggy and not reliable, unless you have a TDS Nxi account, pms50 premium access or maybe running with the WTT logic maybe it can do the trick (havent tried it, I can’t say) I ll recomend to don’t expect too much from this feature (approach mode) you will most of time wonder why the GS don’t show, why the AP don’t follow etc…