BlackBox BN2 ISLANDER V1.3.2 released!

We are reliably informed via the marketplace team that our BN2 Islander update V1.3.3 should be released on PC and XBOX Today … Thursday Sept 2nd.

  • FIXED - ADF card now shows Relative bearing not NESW style card
  • FIXED - ADF system now only works with avionics on
  • IMPROVED - All Tooltips, switch, lever & knob interactions upgraded from Legacy mode
  • FIXED - HOBBS Gauge now working correctly
  • ADDED - Separate L/R Fuel pump sounds
  • ADDED - Prop Feathering
  • FIXED - roof antennae
  • IMPROVED - climb performance
  • IMPROVED - Engine performance
  • ADDED - Windmill Air Start

We apologize Its been a while folks but we think you will agree its been Well Worth it !


I bought this plane from the BBS site yesterday -
it looks great inside and out, and flies very nicely…accurate to what you would expect from a high wing twin of this size.


Islander hype!


Will there be a version 1.3.3 for direct buyers today, too? My latest version is 1.3.2

Bloody h—- I thought he was going to start chopping trees. This video had me on the edge of my seat even when standing up! Amazing piloting in an amazing aircraft. And Graham’s nailed the Islander as well as this guy nailed the landing.


Did anyone notice that the compass card is reversed left to right in this release?

I love this plane and I’m happy to have bought it direct from the developer.

One TRIVIAL gripe: the cord hanging on the left side of the cockpit moves the wrong way in response to turns: when taxiing, if you turn right, the cord moves right and vice versa. It’s a little disorienting. Hopefully the developer will see this and fix it.

The 1.3.3 Version cleared up a small 1.3.2. config issue for Marketplace only
It is NOT Required for web based product


Then we hope it works out today. So far nothing has come …

Good evening.
As always, the microsoft market is lagging behind. By dint of boring people who invest in addons will undoubtedly end up looking elsewhere. By dint of breaking everything, they will lose my purchases. Thanks to the designer of this fun plane to fly off the Normandy coast.
Good luck to all. 9:34 p.m. Paris time.

Well I already rebought it from your guys store😅
Anyways it’s probably better that I did that as even though the update comes now. I’ll be able to stay up to date on the latest updates and all now.

I know, not your Mistake Graham,…sometimes I ask myself what ASOBO/MS think is “reliable”.

It’s now Friday 02:56 and no update yet :wink: . My trust has reached zero in ASOBO/MS

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Xboxera Marketplace update 2nd Sept

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21 liveries!
Including British Airways.

Thank you!

Just got the update via Marketplace. I am now totally in love! What a BEAUTIFUL aircraft!


My version says 1.3.4 on Xbox…is that correct?

Nope :slight_smile: You got the one we havent developed or released yet :slight_smile:
Its just a number though …

The Latest version released to Marketplace is 1.3.2 so I am pretty sure its just a typo

Weird stuff. Why?

Hello, I played around with the Xbox version last night and it was a lot of fun to fly but the switches to make the doors open and close or the yoke disappear don’t work (aren’t selectable).

I feel some of the textures could be higher resolution, especially text for those of us who hate the tool tips.

I also feel it balloons a little too aggressive when putting in flaps 2, the oil pressures seem to be near max at all times, and I think mixture could have more of an effect on performance.

Just wanted to offer some constructive feedback because it is obvious a lot of care went in to the airplane and it is very fun to fly! Other than the minor things mentioned, the other systems work great and I even shot an ILS no problem.

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They also gave the Widgeon the stats from the 737 max :rofl:. Maybe they shouldn’t release updates at the buttcrack of dawn Asobo time, late in the evening MS studios time?