- Too many trees, in too many wrong places

Many have commented on the over abundance of Trees in MSFS,

This evening I took a nostalgic trip to NYC, and flew the Hudson River VFR Corridor.

Imagine my surprise as I approached the Statue of Libery, to see this Pleasure Boat, anchored close to the Island. Maybe it got abandoned a few decades ago. ?


But really, how “Artificially Intelligent” is to to plant Trees on boats !!!

Also, The_Verrazano_Narrows_Bridge is completely Filled in under the roadway

Did not get a Screen shot, but it obviously is not a dam wall, like it appears in MSFS.

Maybe in MSFS, it’s intentional, to stop Crazy Pilots from flying under it ??


No sign of the USS Intrepid either

Now that WOULD be a good place to have Planted a LOT of Trees !!!

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It is artificial after all meaning someone has to program it. But I’m confident the algorithm will improve over time.

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I am sure it will … Its all joking in good Humour … Really a fantastic job, with such potential to get so much better…


I kind of missed the joking part :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


You don’t see anythung funny with AI planting Trees on a large, OBVIOUS Sight Seeing Boat, by the Statue of Liberty. ?

Or something as BIG as an Aircraft Carrier being missed in NYC Piers ?

I do… but I have no idea what you would call funny – but you obviously had to comment .

Th point is, I am sure the Guys at Blacshark Ai would look at those picture, smile and think . “How did we miss that ?” , and then want to go off and tweak their AI to stop it happening again.

Don’t get yourself too worked up on a misunderstanding.


The AI doesn’t know what’s a boat and what’s an island. It will get better, they are definitely improving it.

I’m sure they’ll see this lol

Watch the video – it gives an insight as to what the AI is doing to identify objects from the 2d images.

It seemed to have correctly identified the big CRUISE Ship in the NYC dock area, and created quite a good 3d model of it.

That Boat, by the Island, should have been an EASY one to identify as a Boat.
Tweak to identify that as a boat, should help identification in other 2d pictures of similar objects.

Its AI, it has to be taught … until AI really starts to teach itself - then it will truly be a case of “Whoever controls the AI, controls the world” - a scary thought


It should – if you watch the Video, (which is why I included it specisfically in the post) it show the AI identifying not only building, but the characteristics of their walls and roofs, and then creating 3d models, from a library of matching items.

A BIG Boat should be easy … especially as it was able to identify and quite accurately create the large Cruise ship in the NYC Dock area … (unless that was manually forced)

I bet the AI identifies everything on the water as an island, even if it gets the ship right

Yes, go to Meigs, and look at all the sailboats in the Harbour near Meigs. They are all Sharp pointy ROCKS, sticking out of the water … (at least they do not have Trees growing on them )

Of course the AI “knows” it is a boat. Because, it decided to render it as a boat and not an island. At some point it made that decision and could be programmed not to render trees on it.

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It rendered it as a boat because of its shape. I bet all objects in the water are treated similarly tho in terms of other things. They’ll probably just have to add a bit more to that

Re: the Intrepid. I can’t access Bing maps on my phone, but in the top-down Apple satellite imagery, it’s hard to tell that it’s a ship. With the large flat deck, it looks more like just an extension of the pier it is moored at. I can see how the AI might have missed it.

Its really “minor detail” … I just remember it being there last time I flew up the Hudson River.
Seemed odd not to see it in the Sim – Its BIG !!! You can’t really misss it lol

Great picture. Hahaha.
A tree, a tree, my simulator for a tree eh!
To many trees!
Not enough trees!
And trees in all the wrong places!
Maybe Asobo just can’t see the trees for the wood!

But MSFS 2020 is such a wonderful product we should give them the time to fix things.

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100% correct … I can wait … waited 11 years since FSX development closed down – I can wait a few months more


I shall wait with you, my friend.
Everything comes to he who waits.

Now I’m curious. Next time I load the sim, I’m going to do a low and slow flight over San Diego bay to see if the USS Midway museum ship is present, - or if any of the three San Diego-based active duty aircraft
carriers are shown moored at the North Island quay on the other side of the bay

Military ships MAY have been removed Intentionally, for some strange Political or International diplomacy reason – or whatever is Politically correct these days.

Talking about “Crazy Politics” :-
I know one of the 1st things I did when i installed MSFS was to restore Meigs to it’s former Glory,

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