Blank Avionics Panels

The most recent of this topic is from Feb, 2022.

After I updated with AAU2, I have several aero planes with blank avionic screens. The 787, the airbus’s, the little jets and some of the props.

I have removed the community folder, checked panel brightness controls, tried popping them out and a bunch of other stuff, then just removed and reinstalled FS, which took nearly all day. After the fresh install and no add ons loaded, same thing, although some panels of some aero planes came back others went away.

I don’t get it. A clean sheet, base install and I have issues.

May rig is a i9 12900, RTX3090ti, 64GB ram and a lighting fast m.2 running Win11. I run the TSH peddles, the TCA yoke and the Beta quad. I am about ready to wipe the machine and try again, but somehow I am not sure that will even work.


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