Bleriot X1

If any other intrepid flyers of the excellent Wing 42 Bleriot fancy flying together I am on the sim most evenings (UK time) from before 20:00 hours to about 21:30 Hours. It would be nice to have a vintage fly-in, perhaps somewhere appropriate like Old Warden in UK or Reims in France. Especially with the ‘RIP’ version (the first version I tried when I bought the thing).
I am usually also on voice channel ‘General’ in Discord UK simmers and can end any flight & switch to the Bleriot to join you if you want.


yes, excellent idea! arrange a fly in one evening

After Sunday almost any evening ~ 19:40 to 21:30 suits me (Footy’s world tour ends at Heathrow with a mass fly-in then (see Discord). So what is best for you - and any other takers?

Lets start by hearing from as many Bleriot X1 flyers as possible and if there are enough we could organise something. Say ‘hi’ on this thread and after a week or so I will count you all.

It’s not “X1” though. It’s XI, as in eleven.

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Yes I know that but I used that for clarity to people who maybe dont.
So do you have one then?

Sure do :slight_smile:

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