Bleriot XI for MSFS Released

Bleriot XI for MSFS now available.

Now you can really recreate the famous channel crossing which was celebrated in the FSX Mission “Manston to Calais.”


Big fan of this. Not so much the price. I’m sure many will be though. Good luck!

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Anyone up for an around the world attempt in this?

I’d settle for making it across the English Channel…

Not glass nor steam… Stone?

Retina display. Meaning, you have to look outside the plane with your eyes to see flight indicators.

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Ahh. The old Mk.1 eyeballs! Splendid.

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Just bought this. Let’s see how this baby does.

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I would love the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in MSFS. I saw them demonstrate one of these Bleriots there. Highly recommended if you are in the area in eastern NY state. Not sure how frequent the air shows are in 2020 times though.

Edit - according to their website they should be back next year

Flew the 3 variants… wow. To say it’s challenging would be an understatement! I love it!

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Sounds like it will fit in nicely with the rest of the hangar then :joy:

I’m happy you love her too! Flying her for an hour can be quite a workout.

It’s certainly a challenge to fly - especially the more realistic “R.I.P. Edition” of the Anzani-powered variant!

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Not so much a PPL then, as a kite licence!

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Nice will this come to the ingame marketplace? i am not a big fan of buying from 10 different sites.

I hear you… I keep trying become an approved partner, so far I haven’t heard back from them. :slightly_frowning_face:


Very interesting release. Giving her a try now!

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Do you also have some weird visual artifacts in the outside view? The green bar and some fragment of what looks like text on the right?

I’m onto it!
It is an artifact created by the Instrument HUD overlay in the external view. It never popped up in testing, because apparently all my testers had this MSFS feature switch off for more realism.
I’m currently working on a solution for it, in the meantime, I’d recommend you switch the overlay off as well - it’s cheating any way :smiley:
Settings->General->Camera then scroll down under Chase Camera->Instrument HUD.

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Thanks, brother! Nah, no need to turn anything off - I never fly from the outside view anyway, it’s just to take a look once in the blue moon. I prefer flying everything out of the cockpit. You don’t get to switch to “outside views” in real life, and I am in this for realism as much as I can. :wink:

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