Blinking clouds after patch 5

Hey ttomi1981,

I am having the same issues you described above, same card too.

I found that the glitch only occurs after I Alt-esc out of flight simulator, and return to the game. If I launch the game and stay in it, the glitch does not occur.

Hopefully this helps narrow down the cause.

I always tab out of the game because of the very long loading times, so I decided to try your suggestion. Unfortunately I am still getting the same issue. Would be interesting to see if this works out for others though.

Just read through today’s development update and see no mention of the issue. I am not feeling very hopeful that this will be resolved. I will be following this thread and cross my fingers but for now I am heading back to the FSX skies. I will miss my NeoFly flights but can return to Air Hauler. I could buy a new card for what I spent on the Premium edition and market addons! Good luck to all and thanks.

I am ultimately hopeful for an RTX3070 FE from Nvidia. Took a risk and ordered an EVGA GTX 1660 TI SC from Amazon that can be returned for refund anytime before 1/31/2021 AND once you process the return, you have a few weeks before it has to show up at Amazon. Hoping by mid-February can site my desired card!! I can’t/won’t go back to
X- Plane 11.

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I don’t think it’s VRAM related. I get the problem on my Titan Black card with 6GB VRAM.


Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.


Works for me, thank you!!!

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Thank you so much -this worked for me! I have a 780 Ti card and had no issues with clouds before Update 5. I was running render scaling 100, changed it to 60 and saved, back to 100 and saved and no more flickering clouds. An excellent workaround.


This method removes the blinking clouds. But after that I have no clouds at all. GTX 780 ti here

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I have gtx960m and after this the sky is clear too

Mesmo problema GTX 770

I think I found an even quicker, quick fix,. if the glitch begins when you press esc in game to get to the menu, return to the game but look away from the horizon, i.e. at the seat, and press esc again the flashing should disappear. It may take a couple of tries looking at different areas of the seat, but it does work.

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I found a most excellent fix. I bought a GTX1660TI from Amazon. Is it my ultimate solution? NO! My ultimate solution is an RTX3070 FE. I can return the 1660TI any time before 1/31/2021. I’m blessed to have a friend who works for Nvidia. He has no interest in a graphics card… But, he’s willing to buy one for me… when they show up in the employee store. Timing wise it’s s bit of a gamble. On the bright side, with mostly Ultra settings, I’m getting pretty consistant low 30s fps, at 1440p, which is fine for me. AND, the clouds don’t flicker. Scenery looks MUCH better.

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That is an excellent opportunity! Good to hear that you’ve got the simulator working nicely once again.

By the end of January 2021 there will be several new models coming out, including a possible RTX 3070 Ti and the RDNA 2 cards, so you should have plenty of choices to make the best decision then.

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Glad to hear that, I have the same card on delivery today

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Honestly, that “stop-gap” card exceeded my expectations (so far). Experiment today is to drop from 1440p to 1080p and see if fps improvement is significant enough to make me want to change my “standards”. Have fun and enjoy it!! Clouds are much nicer when they don’t flicker. :grin:


Congrats Buzzard! You planning to post some footage on your YT channel? I will admit (and hate to say this about an old friend like FSX) it is hard to go back to FSX now after taking a few flights over the weekend. Hopefully I can join you in a few months. Have fun and enjoy!

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I am very satisfied too, I got mine from MSI, and it only requires 1 extra power connector, my previous card 780ti required 2!


Good deal Towerman! I have had MSI cards in the past and never had issues. Looking forward to hearing what kind of frames/settings you guys are getting.

No. This is not acceptable.

I refuse to have to spend 100 or 200 or 300 dollars to change my graphic card, wich worked perfectly since launch, prior to patch 5, and is compliant to their mnimum specs.

This clouds flickering issue is a bug. Clouds worked perfectilly well, until patch 5.

I don’t have to pay to fix this problem. Microsoft/Asobo have to resolve the problem. The issue is on their sight, not mine.

Now I’m suddenly exluded? No more clouds, due to my poor, obsolete, GTX 770?