Blinking clouds after patch 5

Ja mir ist auch das gleiche Problem auferlegt worden. Dachte auch ich hätte die Mindest-anforderung mit meinem Acer Lap. 266 MHz. 16MB Arbeitsspeicher und GTX 860m erfüllt! Gehöre jetzt auch zu den Schönwetter-Fliegern. Schon dumm das ich auch noch das große Paket genommen habe :frowning:

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Couple of interesting items to note ladies and gentlemen:

  1. After all the mega gigabyte sized patches… I’m up to latest version and the sickening epilepsy inducing blinking continues…unless clear skies are chosen.

  2. Cyberpunk 2077 has had glitches and gamers have received an apology from the developer and refunds. One of the big concerns was epilepsy due to flickering lights

  1. A number of people I’ve spoken to that have older systems affected by this cloud blinking problem have said that after even trying to disable the clouds and looking at the blinking screen they have felt nausea and dizzy feeling. Microsoft have taken weeks to even acknowledge the issue and support staff have swept the problem as old hardware…let alone to provide a patch for older systems… I don’t know what it will take for them to fix it…someone having serious health condition like an epileptic seizure episode?

Anyone that is feeling unwell nausea etc after the vigerous blinking should mention this problem here.

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According to the feedback snapshot, the flashing clouds have been FIXED!!! To be introduced in sim update 2.


Can’t wait to see this. Two surprises right before Xmas. Cloud fix and my Honeycomb Bravo Throttle arrives on Saturday 15 months after order… Hooray! :grinning:


We get our clouds back tomorrow!!!..hopefully… :worried:


A new update is out now with a fix for the flickering clouds. Anyone who downloads it, let us know if the fix works! It will take several hours for me to download it.

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Downloading now. 1 gig from store. 10.22 gig from app. 158 files

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Maybe 158 packages

Helas… it says " * Fixed flickering clouds for some specific GPUs"

If anyone with a GeForce GTX 960M GPU gets to test before I do…lemme know.

I also have 960M. About 5.49 of 10. 22 finished

The GTX 750, GTX 750 Ti, GTX 950M and GTX 960M all use the same GM107 chip, so one report from either means that the issue is fixed for the Maxwell 1.0 architecture.

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Servers are probably getting slammed. Started DL at about 250 Mbita/sec now averaging about 3. Package 102/158!is a biggie

Lets do this!



I regret to announce that, following the update of December 22, 2022, … it works !!!

GTX 770


It works for me too -GTX 780 Ti. Thank you Asobo!


Thanks for sharing! Kepler is fixed!

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Whoohoo!! Can’t wait then. Just started DL of update.

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Wohoo! Now, if the download speeds were greater…I can’t wait to try this with my local conditions. Snow, high winds, rain and low clouds with terrible visibility. Should be quite exciting.

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Yes yes yes. 960M works. We have clouds