Blinking clouds after patch 5

What a bunch of idiots these coders are to exclude a load of people without notice and furthermore Microsoft are still defrauding people on the Microsoft Store with their minimum spec for a graphics card being an ‘Nvidia GTX 770’ but no mention of their flickering clouds. Crashed and burned this game has…


Nice man, congrats. It does ■■■■ that we can no longer play a game that was playable before. Lol I was playing with the settings and ran ultra settings (clear skies obviously), with my GTX770, in like 400 by 300… looked amazing but the window was a tad small lol. I have a 27" 4k monitor… waiting for a 3080

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I have a 43in HD tv from our living room, that we replaced with a 49in 4K Samsung.

Big screens are great even in HD - sit close and the wide angle of view feels immersive.

My Xeon 4 core used to be a server at work (IT slowly replaced physical servers with virtual servers).
It works well but the motherboard appears to be PCI 2.
So I’ve started to research the latest AMD motherboards - the 550 chip set gives PCI 4 which is four times faster for the gpu. The 6 core AMD cpus look like they can beat the Xeons - the debug fps mostly says the cpu is holding back the render loop.

Es que aunque asi sea, cuando yo compré el simulador, desde Microsoft Store, me indicaba que mi pc era compatible con el simulador, y recibieron mi dinero, para un simulador que luego me indica que mi pc no está a la altura del juego. De este modo me siento estafado. Realmente espero que solucionen el problema con estas sere de GeForce. Gracias por leer y por sus comentarios.

Hi @Maui573,
Make sure you up vote this topic and report this to zendesk as bought up by one of the moderators earlier in this thread:
Submit a request – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

Also, the Code of Conduct states this forum is in English only. Makes it easier to search and moderate when in one language.

The thing that they will allege is that it can run the game, but without clouds. Which we know is not a satisfactory answer as clouds were working simply fine before. I am running a GTX 770m on my laptop and I am getting some 25-30 FPS on medium so I thought that I should upgrade and buy a 980m for some $250 and call it a day.

But now since a possible DX12 update might make this 980m be below the new minimum specs and I don’t have the money to pony up a new computer (no gaming laptops this time) I might just wait and buy an Xbox Series S to use exclusively for MS Flight Simulator.

Now if, or when, the game because unavailable and you are in a country with good consumer law you can just file a suit against MS and demand your money back for a game in which you cannot play anymore.

I have today submitted Request #82249 Flickering Clouds


Hi everybody,
I send my Request yesterday and got the answer that everybody got. But the last part is different:

“… Our developers are aware of this issue and working on a fix, but we do not have a time frame of when the flickering issue will be resolved.”

So I think this is good news. At least they are working on it although they have no idea when they will bring it…
So keep on reporting it! :slight_smile:

And please excuse my bad english, I´m from Germany :smiley:


Please, check this out. It seems they’re aware and maybe doing something after all.

If you’re on Twitter, it will help if you RT or comment there. It has wider exposure than this forum site.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this! The first response is identical to the one we had from a support agent earlier in this thread, but the second one is a lot more definitive than what we’ve had before. It is a good step forward from the “under investigation” status in the Feedback Snapshot.

Hopefully there will be a resolution to this in late December update.


Hi eric,

We have recorded the bug you have submitted in our internal bug and issue tracker.

To understand what will happen next, visit the Zendesk Bug Reporting FAQ

Best regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team


Thanks. The more Zendesk reports they receive, the higher this goes on their priority list.

Same here, i create a ticket too. Fix the clouds soon! I can’t feel like a flight!!! :slight_smile:

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Everyone make sure to upvote the thread I’m linking below as well, if you haven’t already. It has a place on the Feedback Snapshot, and increasing the amount of votes could help as well.

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Where to write “fly”.
I didn’t understand where to write this

Hi @andrerj2011,

If I understand you correctly, you are asking about these steps? #2?

1.) Set flight up as normal, including the weather you want (e.g. live, snow, etc.)
2.) Enter “Fly” (Click on the Fly button to enter into a flight)
3.) Once you see the flickering clouds, go back into settings
4.) Turn Render Scaling down (I went from 90 to 60) and save
5.) Turn Render Scaling back to your preferred setting and save again
6.) Go back to your flight and enjoy flying in weather again

Please let me know!

Ok … now I understand … I will do these procedures to see if the clouds are “normal”

Yes. This was mentioned by another member who was able to fix it. It may or may not work for you.

On the top of this topic is a “Vote” button, click on there to Vote that this is a problem for you. The higher the votes, it will get brought up by the team to the developers.

If the problem still happens, please report this to zendesk as a Bug & Issue:

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Just to clarify - “normal” is everything works, back to steady state - but there are no clouds at all. Flyable, just not as realistic or fun.


Remove only the clouds.
After do this you can flight without clouds.