Blinking clouds after patch 5

Same here 950M !

For those that are struggling to play with this, I was able to get it out of the way by messing with the cloud settings to make them as thin as possible and as high as possible. I was able to get them out of my field of view so I could play normally. It means you have absolutely no clouds in-game though, which sucks.

The problem seems like it’s some kind of masking issue. I can see the outline of the cabin of the plane persist as I move the camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s an internal view or external view, I can see the windshield divider traced out in the clouds no matter where I look.


I had the same issue, what worked for me was to select Low Level for graphics then I manually turned everything off and as low as it could go. I then Apply/Saved and after that I was able to crank things back up and the flickering was gone. Give it a go.

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My specs:

  • Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 18362)
  • Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
  • 4 GB VRAM
  • DirectX 12

Same problem. Run perfectly well before Update 5. (You can see that from the fact that this is my first post on these forums.)

@Asobo / MS: Rollback, fix, or refund.

Edit: Just to say it clearly: Current status is unplayable like this.


I’ll give that a try today or tomorrow. I hope a fix is coming soon and not the dreaded your GPU is no longer supported.

I tried this and it didn’t do anything for me. Which GPU are you using?

I noticed small colorful confetti points at night.

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It doesn’t work for me

Actually I narrowed it down to “Terrain level of detail” - if I play with that setting, applying and saving between each move, its a “lucky” shot that the cloud flickers go away sometimes. I have a pretty low end system, GTX 760

Ok i check it

Reporting the same issue and also going to report to zendesk. Never had any similiar issues before and this was introduced in Patch #5 indeed. Played all the other patches without this issue and didn’t change anything hardware- or software-wise.

Clouds are flickerking no matter the settings. Running GTX 750Ti (2GB of VRAM) + AMD FX-6300 and with newest 457.09 drivers. I know that this PC is laughable for many around here but I was enjoying the sim up untill this patch. When I launch the sim with “clear skies” preset it works without any issues. Just a single cloud in the sky breaks it and clouds start to flicker. I’ve tried fiddling with all the graphical settings, including terrain level od detail but no dice for me. Please fix this as the game is unplayable atm.


B.S. - My GTX770 has been working just fine up through Update#4. They need to FIX the cloud flickering.

I saw this in another thread about this issue. Sounds like we might be out of luck.

That is not good news. I have a 960M and so line where obsolete starts is higher

Just tried with the latest hotfix, still getting the same issue. This is either getting fixed in the patch that will be released in two weeks or never. If you’re experiencing this, please open a Zendesk ticket. The sooner we let them know that there’s a decent amount of users affected by this problem, the more chances we have of them reconsidering and maybe fixing this with the next update.

I have some issue after Sent report to Zendesk (again) with video. this thing is UNUSABLE until they fix this issue!!

Everyone experiencing this, please report it on Zendesk!!


If after reading minimum system requirements (GTX770) before purchasing, and Microsoft obsoletes my gpu in a “mandatory” update, depriving me of the benefit of my purchase, there is going to be a s***storm of trouble for them.


Unfortunately it doesn’t work

That is Asobo bogus. At least make the updates optional then. What worked and was specced when the game launched should still be allowed to WORK if you don’t update. If MS/Asobo are going to force updates they need to make sure they work with the same equipment they were working with yesterday. If they want to add features that only work on higher end systems that is fine. But forcing updates that break what you bought and was working is wrong.


I don’t like this attitude that our cards become “obsolete” as they patch the sim. Yeah our cards are old and many of us are already planning to upgrade, but what happens next? Will a 1080TI also be called “obsolete” in 2 years after people having a trouble with an update?

Of course in development you never can be sure that an update won’t break something for users with x hardware, but this simulator is FORCING us to update (I didn’t like that from the beginning and well, now you know why).