Blinking clouds after patch 5

Apparently turning off volumetric in dev options also turns off windshield effects.
I can still get lightning and rain with volumetric unchecked. Looks strange with no clouds. But the other side effect is no rain on the windshield.

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+1 for this workaround
enable dev mode, then in menu options / rendering, disabled Volumetric atmospheric effects
works great with my geforce 7xx :slight_smile:
good fly !


Same issue here too, cloud strobing/blinking after latest update.
Sim unusable.
GPU- Nvidia GTX780
DirectX 12.0
Ticket raised with Zendesk

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Really hope they can fix this with the USA update.

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It’s like a Halloween “Trick or Treat” nightmare.


Same here. I have to use clear skies.

It’s dosen’t work

I have the same problem here. i have taken a better video on the problem and uploaded it to Zendesk I will give you a link to it:

Same flashing and strobing problem here on GTX78M - I will report to Zendesk. I think there is enough good will in ASOBO to work with the community that they will patch this problem for us… in the future they should make patches optional when they are aware that certain hardware will no longer be able to support this software… otherwise they are causing reputational damage and potentially breaching various consumer laws by selling a product that does not meet original specifications.

By the way the Microsoft Support people are usually responding without conferring directly with the developers which means they make assumptions that are not based on fact. We need a definitive answer from ASOBO.

Update 6 ( didn’t fix this problem. I’m not sure what it fixed, judging fro comments elsewhere.

I still have a bug with clouds after this update

We’re all waiting for a fix update from Microsoft ASOBO team.

I have the exact same issue. I thought my video card was failing. I have a 780. I went to do one of the landing challenges and all of the sudden the screen starts flickering.

I have answer from zendesk about our problem:

Hi Tom,

We have recorded the bug you have submitted in our internal bug and issue tracker.

To understand what will happen next, visit the [Zendesk Bug Reporting FAQ

This is the generic response you get when a Zendesk report is checked on by the team. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell us whether they are planning to really do something about it or when, and since it is a technical issue concerning specific GPUs, it is a bit worrying that they are not asking for more information, like a DxDiag file.

Once more of those reports are marked “Solved” it would be a good idea to contact live support again and see if their response has changed, now that the team knows about our issue.

I have the same issue after update 5, no problems with clouds before this. Only way to stop the clouds flashing is to set weather to “clear skies”. I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card.

Received this msg about an hour ago.

"Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention.

This issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker to be fixed in an upcoming patch. Please keep an eye on our development updates & Patch Notes in the next weeks.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team"


Very interesting, thanks for the heads-up. This response seems different to the generic one. Did you receive this in response to a Zendesk report or a support request?

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I got this response today, which I think is pretty disgraceful:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is continually improving and is highly scalable to suit all kinds of hardware configurations. That said, if you ask too much of your hardware, problems as you report can occur.
This problem is affecting those with video cards on the lower end of specifications. We advise you to lower settings to the lowest level and see if it works. When it does, slowly raise settings until you see problems arise. Unfortunately, there is no fix here other than using the simulation on lower settings, which in this case might have to be without clouds.”
Here’s my reply:
" Thank you for your reply. I understand what you’re saying, with some very significant ‘buts’ as follows:

  1. It was working OK prior to update 5, so you introduced a bug.

  2. My system significantly exceeds the minimum. I have 16gb memory with an I7 processor (minimum is an I5 with 8GB)

  3. You cannot release a product with a minimum spec, then only 2 months later say that it won’t work properly with the minimum spec. You got something seriously wrong there if that’s what you’re saying, that must contradict consumer law - certainly in the UK"


What about your GPU? Which model do you have, and does that meet the minimums?