Blue Skies and Lightening

There’s lightning with EVERY cloud now. it’s kind of funny seeing lightning with wispy clouds. SMH


same above india yesterday

Every flight is like taking flack!


In real life lightening can happen up to 20 miles away from any storm. Just a fun fact.

Same here, yesterday on Trinidad & Tobago, few scattered clouds… lightnings everywhere

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…and over Seville this evening, just enjoying a beautiful moonlit evening flight when all of a sudden - tremendous thunderstorm out of nowhere. I almost befouled my favourite flying overalls…


lol, looks like you upset zeus. must have flow over some ancient artifact

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Yep indeed same recognized today. Nice weather and lightnings.

When have only had a chance to try the new update once so far. Lo an behold, when I loaded up there was lightning with very few clouds. In all fairness there was a storm cell nearby, but i did experience the clearish sky lightning. By the time I had completed taxi to the active, the cloud had moved in more. Its almost as if the engine had to make the clouds “calculate result” a little before it fully generated the clouds themselves…

My example above was similar … clouds were starting to build up out of nowhere behind me.

I was so surprised that I actually checked the area METARs since I was using ‘live’ weather (so much for proper flight planning :slight_smile:). They were reporting typical high pressure conditions - light winds, a couple of light cloud layers and moderate humidity … nothing to suggest developing CBTS conditions. And up to this storm, those conditions had been nicely and accurately represented.

Don’t know what’s going on with the weather engine, I can just imagine an aggrieved developer somewhere muttering, “…not enough storms, I’ll give 'em bl**dy storms!”

My three last consecutive flights in real-life weather since the patch have all included thunder in the background but no rain. Three widely different places.

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had at haifa and kyiv today, but in kyiv looks like it was in the real too:)

With live weather on, I have lightning basically non stop on every flight with any clouds… It’s so annoying…

Hard to argue that said lightning looks amazing though. It may be dialed up a little too much in frequency, but it looks just amazing…

From having no Lightning in Storms pre-patch there’s now far far too much with non-storm related weather. Be a good thing if they actually fixed issues before rushing patches out.

Zendesk. If you want things fixed then complaining on the forum isn’t going to do.

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Good grief, really?

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This really needs a hotfix. 9 out of 10 flights now have thunder and lightning.


Zendesk is useless. They don’t read your reports, and reply with cut-and-paste answers.

It’s far more viable to draw attention to things in the forum, I think.

:rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: