Blue Skies and Lightening

Zendesk. If you want things fixed then complaining on the forum isn’t going to do.

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Good grief, really?

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This really needs a hotfix. 9 out of 10 flights now have thunder and lightning.


Zendesk is useless. They don’t read your reports, and reply with cut-and-paste answers.

It’s far more viable to draw attention to things in the forum, I think.

:rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

Yes im the same. Almost any clouds will create thunderstorms. I’m going to report on Zendesk, I’d advise others to do the same

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Yep. That’s best thing to do. I have reported already.

There were complaints before that there was too little; I think someone changed a setting somewhere but got the decimal in the wrong place :slight_smile:. The lightening effects are great, but getting too close for comfort…

… and at times it’s SO frequent, that it’s degrading performance.


Yes, im having this in 11 out of 10 flights too.
But unlike you showed im having lightning bolts on clear sky with few clouds, no CBs whatsoever

cant imagine what will happen when they introduce proper seasons