BlueBird Simulations 757

Hi all. Forty years ago today, the 757 first took flight so we thought it would be a good day to announce our first project for MSFS, the 757! We’re a new group but our team member’s experience in FS development span several decades. We’re very excited to bring this plane to MSFS sometime in 2023

More details are here

and here

EDIT (July 17) we’ll hopefully have another larger update in a week or two through JF. Most of the progress since the last update has been on the VC/programming side.

I posted some mini updates on my FB page Redirecting...


Absolutely fantastic! <3


Coming to Xbox?

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Looks very tempting, even though they stated that this 757 will be at mid-level complexity aircraft.


It’s definitely our goal to make it Xbox compatible :). However it’s too early to make any promises.


Since my post was hidden, I’ll adjust my comment. I wish the devs the best of luck with their product.

looks very promising…


You are certainly entitled to your opinion and I respect that. I think it important to note that not all simmers want study level ( which is an ambiguous term). For example someone who is new or intermediate to flight simming. I have tons of respect for PMDG but our goal for our first project is not to simulate every system/ failure.

There are other aspects of this plane that will make it a quality experience. For example our flight model which is being tuned by an airline pilot. We’re still at the early stages here.


Time will tell ultimately. I look forward to seeing the project progress… I’m just not a fan when that’s the first thing thrown into the sales pitch.

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I for one, will be following your progress closely.
It looks like you are off to a great start already.
Best wishes!!


Why? The Dev is being transparent and stating from the very start, the intentions of the project, instead of creating hype and then disappointing a particular group that prefers a type of simming when its released. So from the start you should have certain expections without blind false hope. The Dev has announced his project, lets try to be positive, spread goodwill, and support his/her endeavors, and simply vote with your wallet if the quality is there for the type of simming you prefer. And yes, I’m part of that group, but im always happy to see new stuff developed for our hobby and im looking forward to this progress. Good luck BlueBirdSim and looking forward to your sucess and hopefully owning your product


Believe it or Xbox players want a realistic sim experience as possible. Just because someone is on Xbox doesn’t mean they’re not “serious” about it. I can’t afford a PC, my option is Xbox to get my Flight Sim fix and I try to fly as realist as I can within the constraints of my Xbox.


You’re taking my statements and the tone completely wrong. No one is being negative necessarily. This is a forum where we are allowed to have discussion. I’m not bashing the product or the developer. I even commented below my original statement that I look forward to seeing progress. I can’t imagine a dev has such thin skin that there can’t be some back and forth discussion. Relax my friend… not everyone is carrying a pitch fork. With the exception of CaptainSim, I wish all devs luck with their products.

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You wrote:

“Believe it or Xbox players want a realistic sim experience as possible. Just because someone is on Xbox doesn’t mean they’re not “serious” about it. I can’t afford a PC, my option is Xbox to get my Flight Sim fix and I try to fly as realist as I can within the constraints of my Xbox”.

As a real life Airline F.O. (787-10) i can only say that i totally understand and respect your opinion and financial situation. The passion for aviation does not start with a high end flight sim computer, it starts within your heart. So just enjoy your X-Box flight-hours en whatever your future will bring………”welcome on board” and happy flying! :airplane::relieved:


I’m largely a GA simmer but sometimes like to mix things up and try my hand at the FBW A320. So long as the price reflects the depth/quality then I’d be very interested in the 757. Personally I couldn’t justify the price of PMDG/Fenix for something I’d only dip into on occasion. The 757 sounds like a great compromise.

Good luck!


Real 75 guy here with two questions.

1). Will there be any implementation of LNAV/VNAV (more specifically VNAV functionality i.e. VNAV ALT/VNAV SPD/VNAV PTH)

2). Any plans to implement the more modern IS&S cockpit/instrument panel? The current setup looks like the original 75 cockpit.

I bought XP11 and the FF757 a few years ago and was absolutely let down. The VNAV functionality was pitiful. I fell for it again and bought their IS&S modern avionics update thinking maybe that addressed those problems and it didn’t do anything. It was simply putting lipstick on a pig.


I’d be curious about #1 as well.

I only ask these things because I could honestly get behind this plane and get excited for it if I had these things. I like to see more systems functionality, but if I could have a realistic flight model with functioning avionics I could support that. I don’t necessarily need hydraulics systems fully modelled or reversionary autobrakes etc, but what good is a flight model if you have to use basically KAP140 level functionality to fly it? V/S everywhere just ruins the immersion for me.

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We’re ironing out those details since we’re in very early stages of programming. VNAV functionality is important to us. What the exact functionality will be is still too early to make any promises especially with LNAV functionality. But we will keep everyone posted once we have more details.

Regarding #2, we’re initially only doing the original CRT displays. One thing to note however, even after release this will be a fluid project. If enough demand is there and we have enough documentation, we would certainly do the newer displays as part of an expansion.


Ok main questions?

  1. Will it import Flight plans directly from Simbreif?
  2. What flight planner (Code) is it using? Default or custom?
  3. Will it support SIDS & STARS accurately?
  4. VNAV & LNAV?
  5. How detailed will be the FMC be?