BlueBird Simulations 757

Ok main questions?

  1. Will it import Flight plans directly from Simbreif?
  2. What flight planner (Code) is it using? Default or custom?
  3. Will it support SIDS & STARS accurately?
  4. VNAV & LNAV?
  5. How detailed will be the FMC be?

One thing I can appreciate regardless of how the finished product turns out is a developer that practices good communication. Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to seeing this project come together. If you ever have any 75 questions I’d be more than willing to help.


All valid questions. We still have to iron those details out. Once we have more information we’ll post updates.


Do you have any Just Flight products? They may not be quite as deep as PMDG, but they’re not exactly casual planes, either.


Very cool! I’ll be following the project.

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Please make a -200 Freighter variant with the big cargo door.

I want to be able to fly FDX UPS DHL etc



It’s too soon to say if the freighter version will be included on initial release. However with enough demand, we would definitely include it on an expansion package. If we make a freighter I’d like to include lots of detail on the cargo hold. It also depends on how much info / docs we can get on the freighter version.

I also think it would be a fun plane to have for anyone playing “Air Hauler”. :slight_smile:

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Just as long as there’s a few classic liveries I’ll fly it (that’s what drew me to get some aircraft) I’ll definitely do the northwest Airlines 757 route from Detroit to Orlando with it occasionally I hope you guys do more aircraft in the future because it looks really amazing

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We definitely plan on making some classic liveries. :slight_smile: I flew on a NWA 757 a looong time ago. Loved the old livery.


Will there be both versions: Winglets and non-WL? Please keep us updated with the progress through screenshots and videos. I am waiting to see the cockpit detail in daylight.

Love to fly the classic American Airlines 757 to Caribbean. :wink:


If GSX eventually come to the party (as per P3D) with their Airport pax/cargo handling package, you’ll have scissor lifts, real freight etc to load/unload…so worth considering down the track!

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Fine with aircraft not for ‘serious simmers’, I am not on xbox, but like planes that are for the ‘crowd’.

I was wondering, and I would appreciate if some details as to the experience could be shared. For example, which past products/companies, names of the team if possible.

Will definitely keep an eye out on this project. Re this whole discussion about “serious simming”, If by mid-fidelity they mean something similar to the CRJ (maybe bit better :wink: ) I would definitely be interested if the dev delivers a well polished and well supported product at a reasonable price.

PMDG have vaguely teased a 757 but its likely years out and I for one am happy to support a new dev in the meantime if as mentioned, the product is well made.

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No. There are lots of simmers who don’t want PMDG level - every failure modeled and sit there for 20 minutes flicking switches before turning on an engine. We dont all have the time for that. Not all of us want to pay $100 a plane and simulate pump failures. That doesn’t make us the “xbox crowd”.

I would be delighted with a mid level plane and looking forward to this.


absolutely yes, here too…but fact is there will be more serious simmers on pc than on the box.
i am amased how it runs on the series s, we just need to be patient, there will be better
planes coming eventually !!

There’s also lots of simmers that do. So it goes both ways, right?

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Northern Pacific Airways ! Looking forward to the 757. My favorite :sunglasses:

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Well so long as you’re patient, PMDG have very strongly teased a 757 as their next project after they’re done porting their existing product line. And for everyone who doesn’t want to pay for that level of fidelity or just want to fly this in the meantime this looks like it could be a interesting option.

Bluebird have stated the level of fidelity they’re aiming for, and if they execute that well kudos to them. I see little point in demanding the basic product be something they have no interest in making. A mid fidelity product can still be a quality product if they execute most of what’s needed for normal ops well, have good visuals/sounds/animations and be supported well in terms of resolving bugs etc.


For various reasons I won’t get into the details of my other team members. They are more than welcome to provide their experience if they wish. I’ll speak a little on my experience with FS :slight_smile:

My name is Shervin ( I go by Sherv ) and I started simming 30 years ago with FS4. Then in the mid 90’s I started making exterior models using BAO Flightshop ( who’s old enough to remember that lol ). In the early 2000’s I joined Project Opensky making their A330/340 models.

Then I moved on to a payware group to make an A330/340 series for them that was published by Just Flight in 2007 and a A330 Cargo expansion package published a few years later. I worked on an A380 model for years off and on and it was going to be our initial project but I am very happy that we decided on the 757 :slight_smile:

Over those years I have been fortunate to meet a lot of talented folks some of which I reached out to when I decided to form this company. Although the core team is just 4 of us, there will be many other talented people helping get this project over the line.