Bluetooth Keyboard hangs or crashes sim if used

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Whenever I use my bluetooth keyboard during flight (for example pressing B for the altimeter) the game locks up or crashes.

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Hard to screenshot

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use a bluetooth receiver and keyboard. It will reproduce everytime in the sim

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AMD 5800X, 32Gb RAM, RTX 3080, X-570P MoBo

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Since release

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Request #107115

When a device connects or disconnects, the simulator will lock up for about 30 seconds. This is a longstanding known problem, and affects Bluetooth particularly badly because many devices will disconnect to save power, then when you use them they reconnect and the simulator freezes.

The only way around this is to either force the device to stay awake and not disconnect, or replace it with a wired device.

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Or maybe Asobo fixing this. It works in every other game…

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Since you are not Asobo, you can’t do that. Do what you can do, or enjoy complaining. :slight_smile:

This is a bug section. I am not complaining. I am pointing out a bug. And I do not see the point in aquiring new hardware in the meantime when they fix this bug.

It’s been known since August 2020. They haven’t fixed it yet. You’ll likely wait for several more months, or maybe years or forever. You can make your own decisions based on that information; good luck.

Yes thank you, I am aware of that. I have not found it in the bugs section, hence I added it for other people to find and vote. Geez. I KNOW the problem and I know how to use my cable bound keyboard. It’s a bug, I want others to see it, I want it fixed. Whenever it pleases Asobo…

None of that was included in your report: that you know the bug exists, and how to work around it. You indicated the opposite, that you were reporting a new bug and seeking help, which I provided. Enjoy your time on this forum, and good luck.

Yes, thank you for your help…

I’ve also noticed this issue on the latest build. I haven’t experience it previously.

There are a number of games that respond in such ways to device changes when running.
Just use a USB keyboard - problem solved!

The sim always freezes for a few seconds to initialise any new hardware being connected, because on top of detecting the hardware and initialising the sim to be able to use it, it also needs to redownload the configuration setting from your cloud profile and apply the keybinding profiles.

The thing about bluetooth is, to conserve battery they completely disconnect from both devices. Only when you wake them up, the bluetooth reinitalises and reconnects. This isn’t really MSFS at fault. It goes for every bluetooth hardware.

You can test this by opening notepad, and let your keyboard sleeps on its own. After that try to key in one key in 5x rapid succession. Chances are, you won’t be able to see all those 5 characters being typed into. There has to be some keys that are missing because the computer was still in the process of reinitialising the bluetooth connection.

If you want wireless hardware, go with a wireless USB dongle that’s not bluetooth. That way, the sim will always detect from the dongle that the keyboard is technically connected at all times, and that it only waits for a signal coming from the keyboard. So for those types of hardware, you won’t get any freeze time because the sim technically already have those hardware connected.

Or you can also set your bluetooth connection to always on without going to sleep. You’re going to drain your battery a lot, though. But on the plus side, you’ll always have it connected so no more freezes.

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Yeah thanks for the workaround. I will not buy new hardware for a badly written software. Also this thing is mounted on a custom stand in my simpit. So it would be even more of a hassle to change it out. Asobo should address this, or find a way around it. This is literally the only game that has problems with this setup. And it is not like BT periphery is something exotic these days. Neither P3D, X-Plane nor FSX exhibit this. Or any other game, like Elite Dangerous for that matter. The keyboard will work flawlessly there.

If cables are your problem. I’m using a basic $20 Logitec wireless keyboard and mouse set that works perfectly with the sim

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No, thanks, my problem is that the stuff I have should work as it does with every other software but this one.

Well OK but just remember it’s not all about you and Asobo have plenty of other stuff to worry about

Why is everyone so apologetic for Asobo? Yes I know it is not about me, yes I know what the problem is, yes this is a bug. I opened a vote. If no-one votes, so be it, unimportant. But really the first reflex being “just buy something else” seems the wrong approach to me.

It’s not about being apologetic for Asobo. It’s about being adaptive with whatever is being thrown at us. remember the old saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That means that, the freeze and the hangs are just a horrible fact that all of us have to live with.

And we all have 2 options: We can experience all the hangs and “wait” for something to be fixed that is out of our control to do so. Or we can do things to prevent it from happening by doing things that we can do. Plug in with USB, change a different hardware.

Have the serenity to accept the things you cannot change,
Have the courage to change the things I can,
and have the wisdom to know the difference

It’s not the wrong approach, it’s just one of the approach that you can do. The choice is still up to you, though. Either you do something by getting a different hardware that prevents the hangs. Or you have to live with the hangs and hope that it gets fixed… someday, maybe.


It’s not only bluetooth keyboards, it’s the wireless Xbox (!) controller that crashes the sim and USB devices in general. Plugged in a USB stick during a long flight and it made the sim CTD.

But they issued a hotfix (which they rarely do) to fix a bouncing 787 bug, for a plane that nobody uses because it’s so bad. Priorities i guess.

Did you use the wireless Xbox controller using the wireless dongle or the bluetooth connection. If it crashes because your Xbox is connected to the bluetooth connection… It’s the bluetooth… Like I said, bluetooth connection when stop receiving a signal to save energy treats it as a completely unplugged device. So by the time the bluetooth connection restores, it’s initialises as a new hardware being connected. Thus freezing the game or even CTD. Same thing as plugging the Controller using USB.

Instead, use the Xbox Wireless Dongle, that way when the signal is cut-off and on-stand by. The USB Dongle is still connected so when the connection restores, it just wakes up without initialising a new hardware connection.