Blurry lights on ultra-wide/4k resolutions

Just a heads up that this has been escalated to the devs!


Thank you, this issue is here since the release, effectively limiting night flying to 1920x1080 resolution.


Yohooo. Good news! Seems like lights get stretched more and more the higher resolution you choose. Hopefully not too hard to fix😯

thank you for the heads up Jayne!

this is a great news I’m certain the others whom I’ve shared our findings about night lighting issues mega thread will be thrilled to now!

By the way this got me thinking: in VR night lighting, with light bulbs in the distance in particular, is really looking like a soup of light bulbs. VR might be affected by the same bug if FS2020 rendering engine is using (left view width + right view width) / view height → (2 x width) / height

This would be the case if it is rendering both views side-by-side in the render buffer for example but the pixel shaders would be using the total render width instead of the per-view width.

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I love flying at night but I’m not flying at night in fs 2020. To be honest, night lighting is “beyond terrible”. it’s complete disappointment.

You might want to read and support this then:
Night lighting issues still present - The community solutions


Thanks. Voted!


I’ll help keep this open, even though my AMD 3900x, X5700XT, 64gbRAM and 2tb PCIe4.0 m.2 4800gb/s drive can’t handle the sim in 4K above 10-15fps, besides blurryness I find the lack of light size change and degradation equally unsatisfying. I still feel the need to let Asobo know that every bug there is and they ad with every update so far is not good way to go let alone treat paying customers.

I found that changing my Texture filtering - Quality in the Nvidia control panel to Quality or High Quality sharpened up the sim and night lights dramatically. My monitor is Asus Rog Swift PG349Q 34” Curved G-Sync Gaming Monitor 120Hz 3440 X 1440 IPS with Eye Care Aura Sync DP HDMI. The more I increase the resolution scale in game, the sharper it gets still.

BTW, have you guys try different anti-aliasing in the game menu (FXAA, DLAA, no AA) and see whether night light orbs/bulbs change with different AA settings?

I have 1920 monitor and I get sharper and smaller night light orbs by not using TAA.

Heh, just posted this an hour or two ago then searched and found this thread. Guess I’m not alone. Voted!


Hey Jayne - out of interest, what does it mean when it’s escalated to the devs? Should I be hoping for a quick resolution or will this just be added to the list for investigation? No pressure if you don’t know. Cheers Stu


Bump. Cmon Asobo! How hard can it be to not stretch lights just because resolution is “stretched”?


Lately I’ve been noticing that the distant lights look somewhat blurry at 1080p too. It doesn’t look like the pictures in the original post anymore.

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Anyone tried on latest build? Stuck at work…
Slightly tired of daylight flying only as Asobo can’t fix a seemingly small problem of resolution stretching…sigh.

Still no change unfortunately

This issue really needs to be solved by Asobo!

WU6 will have some rework of the night-lighting (I think I saw). Can’t play at night as it is…looks awfull on a 5120res screen.

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I’m having this issue also. Very disappointing to do night flights on my beautiful Samsung ultra wide screen.

Any update? This bug is plaguing;

  • VR pilots
  • 4K pilots
  • ultrawide pilots.
    The only pilots not affected are flying with 1920x1080 resolution or lower. How this will affect Xbox night flying? Isn’t the Xbox strong enough reason to fix it after ca. 8 months since the release?