[BMWorld+AmSim] - KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Ill wait for an update before I consider buying it, it seems unfinished and rushed from the pictures. I know flightbeam is making a KPHX I’m kinda holding out for that one. I like the other flightbeam sceneries I own so far.

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Just got an update for this via the Orbx app…no notes as to what has been changed. Dropped in quick and at least the Southwest logos on the north gates have been removed…

Parking around FBO Swift and Cutter

Still trying to get the 3 parking spaces at the East Holding Bay. I put in a second request.

I still get a bit of shimmering at dawn to dusk

I get two taxi lines on taxiway H and I believe taxiway F It’s like the default is showing through. I haven’t looked at the north side yet. I would like to see more ga parking with compass readings with parking I.E. N parking, E parking. It would bee nice if all these new sceneries would do that, then you could get closer to where you want to park.

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